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Nightmare Fuel / Climax

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Hoo, boy, where to begin?

  • The long takes and constant, nauseating Dutch angles and abrasive soundtrack keeps the audience on edge even when nothing too bad is happening on screen. Even though the movie is about a Mushroom Samba from hell shot with the perspective of a sober observer, the camera direction and color composition leads the viewer incredibly close to the worlds worst nightmare.
  • Jennifer gets her hair set on fire while Alaia laughs gleefully. We last see Jennifer sobbing with pain in the bathroom, still trying to extinguish an incredibly burnt skull with sink water at the very end of the movie. Keep in mind she likely stopped the fire only minutes after being set on fire. But the pain of the burns mixed with the spiked sangria and the cocaine meant she was throwing old sink water on a burnt skull for hours.
    • She is also the reason why the green hallway always had someone screaming off screen.
  • Dom kneeing and stamping on the potentially pregnant Lou's stomach while trying to explain her sickness.
    • Lou then attempting to confront Dom and explain herself, only for the mob to believe Dom and goad Lou into killing herself. She then deeply slashes into herself, causing blood to slowly and painfully dribble from her wounds.
    • Another character furiously trying to wash Lou's blood off Macbeth-style in the shower after saving Lou from the mob.
  • While Emmanuelle frantically searches for the key to the door of the locked electrical room containing her son Tito and a menacing fusebox, the lights go off. Meaning that he has touched the fusebox and has electrocuted himself. His constant screaming and crying to be let out of the electrical room cease. And while the dancers cheer and set up a boombox to keep dancing, Emmanuelle breaks down completely, slamming her screaming body against the locked door to the electrical room.
    • What's even worse is the realisation that before Emmanuelle locked him up, we saw Tito drinking some of the spiked sangria. On a child of his size, the LSD would've acted quickly, lending horrific weight to his screaming and crying throughout the movie. Consider; before he died, he was screaming about cockroaches in the pitch black electrical room.
  • Some of the dancers who opt to stay on the dance floor during their trip descend into a nightmarish orgy lit only by blood red emergency lights.
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  • One dancer has a very spider-like way of dancing, constantly dislocating his bones in unusual ways. As the story progresses, he pushes his body further and further to its limit, with audible cracks and moans of pain being heard as he contorts his body into unnatural shapes.
  • The harsh stark cuts in the epilogue to Omar's body buried by snow, Tito's lifeless body lying in next to a clicking power circuit, Emmanuelle's bleeding corpse next to the door separating her & Tito, and Jennifer still screaming, splashing sink water on her extinguished head.


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