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Nightmare Fuel / A Clockwork Orange

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"Stop it, stop it, please, I beg you!"

  • Alex's unsettling Kubrick Stare during the opening scene of the film.
  • The rape/violence scene done to the Soundtrack Dissonance of "Singin' in the Rain".
  • Half the soundtrack is Soundtrack Dissonance, including Timesteps by Wendy Carlos, the Suicide Scherzo (an incredibly synthesized re-working of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, which was initially composed to glorify peace and universal brotherhood!), and the theme music itself.
  • Alex's face and voice as he tells his story; it's just as creepy as any of the acts of ultraviolence he commits.
  • The Ludovico treatment itself: imagine being put in a strait jacket, with your eyes held open by small hooks so you can't close them and having eye water put in your eyes every few seconds while watching violent videos that eventually will make you sick because of a serum you were given beforehand! And you can't look away!
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  • Alex's torture at the hands Dim and Billy Boy (who are now police officers), where he's beaten while his head is dunked in a pig's trough filled with water. Even more since it is a case of Leave the Camera Running, with actor Malcolm McDowell genuinely having his head dunked for a full minute. He later said that he was repulsed by the very smell of it after being forced to do 27 takes of it.
  • The final scene, where Alex envisages himself having sex with a girl, surrounded by 19th century type people applauding him. And then his mocking quote: "I was cured, all right!" For some reason... it's so weird, it's disturbing. And when he says "I was cured alright" he means he was cured of his "cure".



  • Actor Malcolm McDowell suffered some eye damage because of this treatment and there were rumors that say he developed a phobia of eyedrops that persists to this day. While the torture responses are just acting, the doctor is a real doctor and applying eyedrops for Malcom McDowell since the implement that forced his eyes open was a real device.
  • The most frightening aspect about this film doesn't even appear in the movie itself. There have in fact been people in real life who committed copy cat crimes, inspired by this film! Even Kubrick started to fear for his own safety and effectively banned the entire film in his adopted home country of England. It couldn't be seen in public for over 35 years, until his death.


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