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Nightmare Fuel / Canada's Worst Driver

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  • Lampshaded in the Season 5 premiere, where Andrew Younghusband says "Welcome to the country's most disturbing car show". What better page quote could we ask for?
  • This show only accepts legally valid drivers. In other words, all contestants have valid driving licenses and are insured. This doesn't include drivers who've had their licenses revoked, or who're too incompetent to pass in the first place, or ones who don't have insurance because it's too expensive for bad drivers to be insured (though some can get by on other people's insurance)...
    • The "insured" part became important during season 6 - Scott's unwillingness to learn caused his roommate and nominator Danny (who paid for Scott's insurance) to become fed up, verbally rip Scott a new one, and cancel the policy. As a result, Scott got booted off the show.
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    • Margherita on Season 8 confessed to having bribed her instructor to give a passing grade on her license examination.
    • Another said she flirted with the driving instructor, with success.
    • Bear in mind, these are just the worst eight. Out of hundreds. There are more they can't even get to.
  • Henrietta in season 2 becoming completely unresponsive during the final road test.
  • Jason Zhang in season 3, stopping in a merge lane in Highway 400.
  • DONNA. She admitted to intentionally hitting a cyclist, ran red lights and stop signs with reckless abandon, mowed down entire obstacle courses while laughing gleefully, and was a remorseless drunk driver, to the point of PASSING OUT AT THE WHEEL. Believe it or not, it somehow gets worse. Donna suffers from angina, meaning she could potentially die behind the wheel. She thought this little detail was not worth sharing with CWD staff before she began driving at the rehab center. When Andrew refused to ride with her anymore after this was revealed, she was kicked off the show, with the official recommendation that she never drive again. Terrifyingly, Donna seemed to learn absolutely NOTHING from appearing on the show, remaining certain that she was a good driver. She fully intended to keep driving when she returned home, but lost her license due to her condition, which she, of course, blamed the show for. Oh, and by the way, she frequently drove her young grandkids in the years before appearing on the show.
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  • Season 6, Dale chasing Andrew with the car. She joked that she was toying with him.
  • In the third episode of Season 7, it was pointed out that all of the contestants had confessed to having driven distracted. So, they set up their "easiest" course ever ... made harder by intentionally making the contestants drive while subjecting themselves to distractions (such as food, and the classic "texting while driving"). The results were predictable, but got downright scary when Tab almost made the old 1950's car roll over on Styrofoam.
    • This doubles as a Tear Jerker because when they finished they had to have a conversation with Aaron (who, six years prior, was nearly killed by a distracted driver) - in said conversation they had to look Aaron in the eye and promise to never drive distracted again. Everybody cried.
      • Sadly, CWD Ever proved that Sly, one of the Season 7 contestants broke this promise, despite seeing how it affected Aaron. (Although Sly's case may be partially justified as he has a learning disability)
  • In season 8, during the Eye of the Needle challenge, Flora lost control of the Mustang, going off the road at around 140 kilometers per hour (around 85 miles per hour). As a result, the car went into a sideways skid, going for at least 25 feet. If she had hit an uneven patch of ground, she could have easily flipped her car. She also knocked a bumper off it. The show has nicknamed that part of the challenge the "Flora Turn".
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  • Kevin's final road test in the Ever finale. It was becoming so dangerous that after Kevin drove into oncoming traffic (again) and nearly collided, Andrew had to stop the road test for fear of their own safety. Specifically, Kevin had already committed at least around 16 ticketable offenses during the drive and Andrew had warned him that if he committed any more offenses, then he would end things. That was after Andrew had already tried to end it once, only for Kevin's nominator to encourage him to keep trying over the phone.
  • The distracted driving challenge in Season 10 is bad enough, but Chanie takes it one step further by nearly flipping the car while trying to take a selfie, running over a block of Styrofoam. Even the panel were shocked and the crew actually had not anticipated this sort of thing could happen at all. Realizing how close she came to being injured alongside with her boyfriend (who had nominated her), and how easily it could happen if she did the same thing with her son also in the car, Chanie broke down in tears.
  • Considering the thirteen seasons of the show... how has anyone not died yet?!?
  • Invoked in Season 5 when Crystal's brother-in-law, Tom, was killed while they were filming; while she was allowed to leave the show, the remaining contestants were reminded of when they failed to yield while on the road, the exact reason why Tom was killed. Father Giles was so horrified that he was unable to speak on the confession cam twice and everyone realized the seriousness of their bad driving as each of them could have been the one who hit Tom.
  • The intro to Canada's Worst Driver 12 has Andrew explain that one of the 500 candidates for the 8 nominees actually walked onto the highway after exiting it to see if there were any oncoming cars. And SHE wasn't even in the top 8 this year!
  • Season 12 Krystal's drive to rehab center. Just Krystal's drive. Just watch and see why the camera crew didn't go with her in the car.
    • Krystal in general. Not only is she a terrible driver, but she believes she has the RIGHT to drive badly, saying that driving safely is "boring". The fact that she has a driver's license with flagrant disrespect for the law and authority is terrifying, even without factoring in her reliance on texting all the time and dismissing her problems as being a millennial.
  • Season 12's Mike describing to another contestant how he had to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, and sleep because a distracted driver hit him head-on. Worse, his wife (who was riding with him) describes the myriad injuries she suffered, including peeling part of her own face out of the dashboard.
  • Daniella's highway drive in the Season 12 finale, which saw her completely freeze up and need Andrew to guide her every single decision just to get off the highway. She subsequently admitted to the experts that had Andrew not been with her, it would likely have resulted in an accident. It's really a testament to how catastrophically poor Krystal's own final drive was that Daniella wasn't named (or even considered) as the worst of her season.
  • A non-Canadian variant, but has been mentioned on the show: one of the final three contestants on the Dutch version of this show attempted to swerve into the right lane (during a shoulder-check challenge), hit the gas instead of the brakes after clipping a wall, panicked, foot on the accelerator, eyes closed, steering wheel turned right, and managed to hit both the host and a cameraman. Through some miracle, nobody was seriously hurt, although the host wound up in hospital briefly with some minor shoulder and foot injuries. Not surprisingly, the contestant had his license revoked. See it here.
  • Remember, regardless of whether or not they graduate, or are even named Canada's Worst Driver at the end, everyone gets their license back at the end of the show, as Andrew has no authority to keep holding onto it. Which means, especially if you live in Canada, you could at any time encounter one of these drivers, assuming, of course, they haven't since lost their license or otherwise been cashiered off the road. Sweet dreams.
  • Not surprisingly, as a general rule, the greater the season number, the greater the number of drivers who have a problem with using mobile devices while driving, whether it be talking, taking selfies, watching videos, etc. In fact, season 14 had a contestant who graduated in the first episode after he realized that this was the root cause of his problems to begin with — and otherwise performed perfectly without his phone present.
  • Darris in Season 14 admits that he has 'an assault charge' pending while he was on the show. His statement that he no longer fears death by speeding suggests a death wish as he speeds and cuts through traffic with his panicking mother in the back seat. He's "graduated" mostly because that season's crop of drivers is so bad that they have multiple episodes with no graduates and his only flaw is his dangerously insane personality, so they let him go to focus on the people who need actual lessons.
  • Several of the bad drivers, including runner ups Sly and Michael, have driving as part of their job, which means they spend the majority of their day on the road. That's downright terrifying.


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