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  • The animated opening credits, particularly the blinking left signal on the car that's about to make a rapid right turn.
  • General - anytime they test the contestants on road signs. Many of the answers are often hilariously off the mark and some of the bad drivers only get one or two right.
  • Anytime that Andrew says "The longest reverse in the worrrrld!" ("I said the worrrrld!")
  • In Season 1, Tatiana turns in a mostly dry but extremely slow performance in the water tank challenge (she took 12:12 minutes as opposed to Andrew's 5:10).
    Andrew: "One person asked if we were going to time you with a calendar or with a stopwatch."
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  • Season 3 ends with Jason being driven home in the "Cool Bus" from earlier in the season, being driven by the season's runner-up, Shelby.
  • For the first challenge in Season 5, they use a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The first contestant, Mike Butt, apologizes in advance for the beating it's going to take (and take a beating it does).
  • During the Season Five water-tank challenge:
    Sergeant Cam Wooley: This is rapidly turning into a Wet T-Shirt Contest!
    A thoroughly soaked Mike Butt: I've never been on this end of a wet T-Shirt Contest!
  • Season 5, episode 1: Mike Butt gets lost on the way to the rehab center, and asks a dog for directions.
  • In the fifth episode of Season 5, one of the challenges was to drive back to the group's hotel at night. Angelina couldn't do this because her headlights were broken (and her registration was expired, though she seemed totally oblivious to this), and ended up having to hire a tow truck. On the way back to the hotel, she ranted at length about how stupid the challenge was and asked "Who the fuck drives at night anyway?" — at which point the tow truck's driver gave her a Death Glare and raised his hand.
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  • Some of the expressions Father Giles made whenever he passed a challenge in Season 5.
  • In the premiere episode of season 6, Andrew talks about how they had planned to sell the new Camaro they had bought for that season at the end of the show. As he watches one of the contestants wreck it, he keeps up a running commentary of the car's slipping value, "If you want a Camaro, I know one that's getting cheaper by the minute, eh? Do I hear 20 grand? We'll take 18! $15,000, come on, make an offer, you know you want it..."note 
  • In the stick shift challenge of the third episode of Season 6, the drivers mess up one of the cars used for it so badly, it starts smoking. As things come to the final bad driver...
    Andrew: (voiceover) If Jamie can answer one question correctly, we won't make her drive this smoking stick shift challenge. (to Jamie) Would you ever buy a stick shift?
    Jamie: Would I buy? Probably not.
    Andrew: That's the right answer. (green check-mark appears on screen)
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  • In the season 7 finale, they gave a funeral service to the the horribly wrecked Dodge Challenger they had used throughout the season.
  • Season 8 - one of the challenges involves playing mini-golf using a car. However, Flora strategy involves driving so slowly that it seems like her game never gets anywhere at all. Andrew comments "Just when you thought golf couldn't get anymore boring, Flora takes her crack at it," then lays his head down and starts pretending to snore and sleep. He then raises his head, only to see no progress has been made and tells someone to wake him when it's over. After an hour later, Flora is cashiered off the course for not completing.
  • "Finish this sentence for me Sly. Sly like the...." "Wind" Corpsing ensues.
    • He repeats the question later and STILL gets the same answer.
  • During the first episode of Ever, Shelby comments that he thought that Angelina (from Season 5) wasn't real, but was just a camera trick that they made up.
  • During the fourth episode of Ever, Dale manages to drive like a maniac, but somehow manages to get through all five of the arches in the Eye of the Needle challenges. Andrew's expression is priceless (as is Dale's).
  • During the fifth episode of Ever, Andrew's Don Cherry impression is utterly side-splitting.
  • When a pedestrian comments on the car during Michael's public drive in Ever, he had this to say...
    Michael: Perhaps...but I'm still in a Corvette!
  • Sly leaving his car in gear when he gets out and it starts rolling away!
  • Eric, Michael's nominator, had this to say in Ever after Sly rolls off into the grass on the Reverse Challenge.
  • This exchange during Canada's Worst Driver Ever prior to Sly's first run of The Eye of the Needle:
    Andrew: So why don't we think about what we will do if we have a successful run?
    Sly: Me and Fred will have a little dance.
    Andrew: And what will you do if this is not a success?
    Sly: Do a sad dance.
    • Sly does the funeral march.
  • In the fifth episode of Ever, Kevin was allowed to take the reversing challenge forwards due to being a fan of Trans Ams, one of which was being used for the challenge. Despite destroying the car's passenger mirror and one of the tyres, along with most of the course, he proudly proclaimed it worthy of a pass. Cut to the judges sitting there open-mouthed and completely speechless.
  • During the following episode, Kevin is first-up in the reverse flick challenge. Before his first attempt, Andrew gives a lengthy prediction about how what'll happen next, theorising that Kevin will fail by over-steering and using too much gas. Kevin then takes his run... and fails by crashing into the barrier that leads into the turning area.
  • In one installment of Ever, Michael asks to be called by the name "Maximum Burn." The show promptly obliges by posting one of its on-screen Canada's Worst Driver license displays reading "Maximum Burn, Age: Eternal, Location: The Sun."
  • In the second episode of Canada's Worst Driver 10, Siham takes over an hour on the slanted "know where your wheels are" challenge (the thing is only about four car-lengths long or so), but because there's no time limit set on it passes, being the only one the drivers to do so. Andrew calls it the longest successful run ever.
  • In the third episode of Canada's Worst Driver 10, they give Jason a copy of the Canadian Drivers Handbook to read during the distracted driving course. The passage they have him read? "Driving is a job that requires your full attention." You just know that they had him read that deliberately.
  • From the same episode, George fails nearly all of the challenges in said episode. Every time he fails, George's nominator, Patrik, gives him a punch. After the shoulder check challenge, Andrew joins in while telling the audience violence is not the solution.
  • When Chanie of Season 10 attempts the Reverse 180 Challenge on the first try, she immediately crashes straight on into the side barrier before plowing into the box where she was supposed to do the 180. Driver instructor Tim stares at the footage, completely dumbfounded with his jaw opened.
  • In the penultimate episode of Season 10, they're forced to use their decommissioned police car for what would've been the Cadillac challenge (the car wouldn't start).
    Andrew: *after getting into the driver's seat* "I've never been in the front seat of one of these!" (Cue Death Glare from Cam)
  • Also in the penultimate Season 10 episode: Andrew gradually losing his shit with everyone failing the Icy Corner Challenge despite his repeated advice (don't speed, don't stare at the wall, don't lock the brakes, etc.). While it's certainly warranted and sympathetic, it's hard not to giggle when he's literally hopping mad on the hood of the car after Jason's abysmal performance.
  • On his final drive, Jason of Season 10 has to pause for a Potty Emergency, and takes a leak on a tree. Oh, and he parks in two spaces reserved for nurses too. Cut to Tim's Flat "What", and Cam Face Palming. Andrew remarks that he had never seen such a combination of illegal parking and public indecency before. The lines he puts up during and after the relief help set the tone perfectly there.
  • During the boat-reversing challenge in Season 11, Andrew is sitting in the back of the boat while Sholom is driving:
    Andrew:Here's my impression of me being on a boat driven by Sholom. *mock hurls*
    • Shortly after, Andrew is getting incredibly hopeful that Sholom will actually pass...and then the boat hits the wall, with him yelling out "WE'VE HIT A SHOAL." The "sad dance" shortly after sets the tone perfectly.
  • Season 11's Renee apparently "Reverses Canadian"...she's apologizing repeatedly throughout her run.
  • Amrinder in Season 12 has Tim with him in the Water Tank Challenge due to his nominator having back problems. Tim begs him not to get him wet, and then Amrinder takes a wrong turn (as in he drives straight towards the production area!), and brakes hard.
    Tim: I haven't wet my pants in a long time.
    • Hell, just the fact that the show pokes fun at Tim being with Amrinder by putting the caption "Does not want to be here" underneath Tim at one point and Andrew announcing that Tim got wrangled by the production crew into doing so!
    • In the same episode, Amrinder gets $20 from Krystal after winning a bet that he would graduate first before her.
    • And then there's Krystal's own Water Tank Challenge, where the predictable happens. Not even a second into the start of her drive, she's dowsed in water from the tank. She breaks hard in a panic, only for nearly all of the water from the tank to immediately flood the car. Steven's reaction to Krystal's ineptitude and hysterics is priceless:
      Steven: GREAT ODIN'S BEARD!!
  • Daniella winds up knocking off one of the headlights entirely during the Eye of the Needle challenge. Her reaction after Andrew tells her this is "Can I keep it?"
  • Andrew's pep talk to Adam in the opening episode of Season 13 in an effort to encourage him to go up to speed on the slalom course. it works.
    Andrew: BE A MAN!
    Adam: *unenthusiastically* I'm a man.
    Adam: ....what?
  • Ashley stoically nodding as Andrew lists off the reasons she's a bad driver before calmly following it with:
    Ashley: ...and I hit things.
  • Neither Ashley or Melanie getting the hint from Andrew to "Get Set" (as in, use the correct reversing posture) during the reversing challenge.
    • When they finally get the hint, both their nominators are chuckling and Jillian is just facepalming.
  • Cam's comment in reference to Breanna hitting things on the reversing challenge "Book smart, car dumb."
    • From the same episode, Baba G's reactions whenever her granddaughter passes a challenge.
  • Andrew's introduction for the Shoulder Check Challenge in Season 13. His lines, demonstration, exercise wear, set, and music are straight out of a very cheesy and very 80's aerobics video. And then he's joined by two copies of himself with "hairdos" (actually wigs) worthy of Richard Simmons himself. The parody is spot. On.
  • Andrew's introduction to the Parallel Parking Challenge in Season 13 can be summed up as trying his best Gordon Ramsay impression, right down to calling an actor a donkey.
  • The trailer parking challenge for season 13 is done in the style of an 80s sitcom; complete with a cheesy opening, a Laugh Track, and a credit reel with past contestants on the show listed as part of the cast and crew.
  • This little moment while watching Ryan's assessment challenge in season 14:
    Cam Wooley: "He could be an instructor!"
    Tim Danter: *somewhere between a Double Take and a Death Glare*
  • Andrew referring to Tim as 'Tim "The Golf Shirt" Danter' at the start of the Reversing Challenge in Season 14, done in the style of a boxing announcer, right down to Tim having "stats" pop up on the screen (including a count of how many of those shirts he has).
  • The obstacle for season 14's Swerve and Avoid challenge? A Triceratops in high heels, which Andrew chuckles about himself because the staff didn't tell him.
  • "When we come back...not much happens." Cut to a clip of season 14's Water Tank Test.
    Andrew: You bunch of bastards!


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