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Newsletter / News2010-07- 30

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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Howdy Tropers of the universe! Or just Earth, I guess. Wouldn’t it be cool if TV Tropes was read by aliens? What would they think of Humans Are Bastards, or Humans Are Special, or Only in Florida? Would they disagree with the list of Universal Tropes? Do they really steal our cable? Does any of this have anything to do with this week’s Trope Report?


Answers: Totally, Yikes, Smug meatbags, Wut, Most likely, Yes, and No.

Time for the helloes to all our newest forum-members! Anyone who is anyone and that means everyone please give a warm welcome to:

Mageykins, The Great Pies Alt, Oneesamaurai, Ossan, toalordsothe, Zari Gravity, loinbread, mr3urious, Scrye, Talby, False Dawn, Quackalicious, Mr Undead Ned, Old Man Ho Oh, Zersk, and Jonathynn!

Welcome to the Forums!

Your intrepid reporter Ack Sed here with another Forum Weather report! Learn what's hot and where the Internet backdrafts are.

Manga & Anime: Readers are advised to exercise caution in the Naruto and Bleach threads, poo-flinging and sockpuppets are in operation. The Recommendation Thread has been stickied after 4 or 5 snowclones and is thriving. Wanna find a new series? Ask here. Also sticked is a master list of existing threads for your favourite series. In other news, posters are mourning the imminent demise of One Manga and pondering what it might mean.


Western Animation: Posters to the thread for ATLA's sequel The Legend of Korra have been tearing apart the announcement and speculating over what little Word of God there is - highlights are the links to choice deviantArt fanarts. Warning, some Fan Dumb.

Film: What do you know, the Film thread has its own Chatterbox? Go post your random thoughts or what you watched today.

Literature has an ongoing fiction contest going on. Join, write a masterpiece and claim first place!

Yack Fest: Ready your Brain Bleach, the PSL thread has discovered a site even pervier than it. NSFW, natch.

Live Bloginations: A Live Blog of notorious anime under the entertaining title of "Will It Blow?" has begun, starting with Kanokon. The FATAL liveblog continues to bob around in the middle, kept up by responses affirming that, yes, it is that bad.


Forum users, please take this advice: DON’T SPAM ICONS IN YOUR POSTS REPEATEDLY! It wreaks havoc for the computers of everyone else in the thread and attempts to rectify the problem only screw it up more!

This week nobody wants to work. Our usual flurry of activity is absent but we dug up what did happen all for your reading pleasure. Here are this weeks changes.

  • Fist Of Fury is now Fist of Rage in what may be the simplest rename ever.

  • Boobs of Steel was getting to long a description for what it described. Steroids to make it smaller has been applied.

  • Just a heads up, Fan-Preferred Couple will probably have all of its exampled axed and then chucked over to the Fanspeak index since it has become a ground for any and every ship that isn’t official. Like Sokka/Azula.

  • Discontinuity has had its exampled moved to Fanon Discontinuity. The former name is now a disambiguation page for both fanon and Canon Discontinuity.

  • Snugglebunnies has finally been renamed to Informed Obscenity. How horrific.

  • Fantastic Aesop had a fantastic amount of natter so it has been cleaned and tidied up.

  • Cartoon Crossover is like a little lamb that has wandered away from the herd. It is being brought back to the rest of the sheep in the Crossover section and the empty page will be cut.

  • Wait What Whoa has been axed. It is – Wait What Whoa, no it wasn't! It seems the Wiki Words themselves are still around even without the page.

  • You Fail Logic Forever has been divided into its component fallacies. These components may need slight rewrites and examples in order to better integrate them into the wiki proper. Forumites enraged by people who are wrong on the Internet will be happy to know that due to this change, if your opponent uses a logical fallacy you can now Wiki Word them to it directly. Take care that the term means what you think it means, lest you fall into awkward embarrassment.

General News:
Is English not your first language? Are you tired of having your examples deleted on account of bad grammar? Fear not, help is at hand with the Get Help With English Here thread in the forums. For all those well-meaning Tropers who have English as a second language and still are not that great with it you can bring your problems here and let everyone help you correct your spelling, punctuation and whatnot. Use the thread! Help us help you so you can help the wiki!

Spotlight Stealing Trope:
Make-Out Point

Many an urban legend has told stories of little roads or cliff overlooks for teenagers to embrace each other intimately. When young lovers line up their cars outlooking the city lights to snuggle against each other, when bullies shine their flashlights into the cars to taunt and terrorize, when policemen come to bring the belligerent sons and daughters home, when serial killers and monsters come to prey on the unwary...and when the middle-aged look back upon these times with nostalgic contentment or terror.

Ah. The joys and horrors of young love. Let's go see if Alice and Siht are at it again!

Needs More Love:
You've got this trope sticking in your mind. You can remember the general idea, and maybe an example or two, but you'll be damned if you can remember what the thing's called, and the search function turns up nothing relevant.

Well ask about it in Lost and Found! Lost and Found is where you go to find that trope name you just can’t remember. Or to double-check to see if it exists in the first place before you go and make it yourself. Judging by the fair amount of “Two Tropes Same Idea” that get cut on a regular basis, this function isn’t being used as often as it should be. Move it or lose it, Tropers!

Add More Here:
Fun Fact:
Of the many active threads in Trope Repair Shop in a given week, only about 30% of them actually resolve anything. The rest just die.

That’s all for today, Tropers. Hope you enjoyed this week’s admittedly brief issue. Seems summer is making everyone lethargic. Enjoy it while it last, school-aged Tropers. The rest of you don’t forget to relax either! Until next time then, See ya!


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