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"Mazes and Mutants: The game about mazes, as played by mutants."

"Only a game designed by nerds would have 'charisma' as a fantasy power."

Like most media, Tabletop Games have a number of tropes common or even specific to them.

A subindex of Game Tropes. Collectible Card Games and Tabletop RPGs, in turn, contain subindexes of this, so please put tropes primarily associated with those tabletop game forms directly onto the more specific index. See also Video Game Tropes and Gaming Stat Tropes.


  • Action Initiative
    The players' in-game Initiative stat determines who goes in which order.
  • Adventure-Friendly World
    How the game's setting is designed to justify the gameplay mechanics.
  • Anti-Hoarding
    Gameplay mechanics that discourage hoarding up in-game resources.
  • Competitive Balance
    Players can select different roles to play in a game, with different abilities.
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  • Diagonal Speed Boost
    On a square movement grid, moving diagonally is faster than otherwise.
  • Dice
    Players roll these to determine or influence certain events in the game.
  • Drafting Mechanic
    A mechanic where players pick resources from common pools.
  • Extra Turn
    A rule that allows you to take an extra turn after you already acted.
  • Extrinsic Go-First Rule
    Who goes first is determined by something outside the game itself.
  • Hit Points
    A stat that tells you how close your in-game avatar is to dying.
  • House Rules
    When the players tweak the official rules to make the game more fun for themselves.
  • Luck Manipulation Mechanic
    A rule that allows you to retry a botched dice roll.
  • Roll-and-Move
    Roll one or two dice, and move according to the result.
  • Scoring Points
    Complete in-game objectives to get abstract points and win the game.
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  • Solo Tabletop Game
    In which the rules allow a tabletop game to be played by a single player.
  • Tabletop Game A.I.
    A non-digital algorithm that can sub in for a human player.
  • Turn-Based Combat
    Combat is abstracted as combatants taking turns to strike at each other.

Alternative Title(s): Board Game Tropes