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Levels and Experience Tropes

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"I get solo XPs!"

Tropes about levels, experience to increase levels, and the grinding for experience. These are the tropes that are most typical of roleplaying games and games with RPG Elements.

Compare Skills and Training Tropes.


  • Absurdly High Level Cap
    Reaching max level brings you much higher than you'd need to complete the game.
  • Absurdly Low Level Cap
    Reaching max level will happen just from completing the main quest and some sidequests.
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  • Anti-Grinding
    The game has ways to make grinding either impossible or of little use.
  • Character Level
    When this gets higher, your character's abilities get stronger.
  • Class and Level System
    How your characters level up dependent on their battle style.
  • Easy Exp
    Some XP is awarded with minimal effort.
  • Empty Levels
    Late game levels may give diminishing returns, or smaller boosts than others.
  • Equipment-Based Progression
    When a character is improved with better items, rather than levels.
  • Equipment Upgrade
    When equippable items have their own levels.
  • Experience Booster
    This makes you get more XP than you would have.
  • Experience Meter
    When it fills up, you raise a level.
  • Experience Penalty
    You get less XP than usual.
  • Experience Points
    How many points gained, and how many left to the next level.
  • Leaked Experience
    Some characters can get XP even when not in the battle.
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  • Level Grinding
    Spend a few hours killing enemies, and the XP will pile up.
  • Level-Locked Loot
    Equipment will not be usable until you reach its required minimum in a level or stat.
  • Level Scaling
    Enemies level with you, so it takes more than just being high level to win.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up
    Leveling up restores health and/or mana.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards
    Leveling up will eventually make sorcery classes more powerful than melee classes.
  • Low-Level Advantage
    Sometimes being lower level puts you at a better situation.
  • Magikarp Power
    Reach a certain level and a weak character or class turns incredibly powerful.
  • No Experience Points for Medic
    Some games will only award XP for combat moves, not healing.
  • Non-Combat EXP
    You don't have to fight to get experience.
  • Peninsula of Power Leveling
    If you can take the monsters here, you will level grind much faster than normal.
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  • Rare Candy
    Raise stats as though a character leveled up.
  • RPG Elements
    Levels and XP are included in non-RPG games.
  • Spell Levels
    Even your magic and abilities have their own levels.
  • Stat Grinding
    Use abilities and powers to make them level up.
  • Strong Enemies, Low Rewards
    Defeating high-level enemies will give you little-to-no rewards, which can include experience points.