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Strange Horizons is an online magazine of speculative fiction. For the most part, you'll find weird short stories and poems, as well as reviews and articles focused on the sci-fi and fantasy genres. It has published stories that have won awards such as the Hugo and the Theodore Sturgeon. It has started publishing stories translated from other languages, such as Spanish.

Notable authors who've been published in the magazine include Ann Leckie, Ken Liu, Kelly Link, Saladin Ahmed, John Scalzi and Ursula Vernon.


Tropes associated with Strange Horizons include:

  • Curse: Ursula Vernon's "Telling the Bees" is about a girl cursed to die each night and return to life next morning.
  • Genre Anthology: It publishes standalone pieces rather than serials.
  • King in the Mountain: This story has King Arthur and his men show up in WWII as a squadron of fighter pilots.
  • Lit Fic: One factor that distinguishes Strange Horizons from similar sites is it often publishes stuff written in a more literary style.
  • Long-Runners: It's been around for over fifteen years. Not bad for an online magazine that relies on donations to keep going.
  • Slipstream Genre: Known for publishing quite a lot of stories in this genre.


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