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Literature / The Impossible Stairwell

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"Well, the note I found in my locker—will find in my locker—it had the ten symbols drawn on it, but the last one was—will be—"

Tsubakihara brushed her hair back from her face with her fingers, and tried not to smile. "Etsugoya-kun, please just pick one tense and stick to it."

The Impossible Stairwell is a Science Fiction novella by S Douglas Johnson. On the first day back at school after Golden Week, Etsugoya Jun'ichi notices a few odd events, like a note in his shoe locker that predicts a series of cards drawn from a deck, and a stairwell on the floor plans to his high school that should not be there. By going up and down the stairwell, he finds himself jumping forward and backward through time. Together with his classmate Tsubakihara Amaya, he tries to learn how the stairwell works, and uses it to make sure that the odd events happen as they did.


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