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Literature / The Finite Life of a Dating Sim Heroine

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"There is nothing more fulfilling in the world than exploring the infinite possibilities of a finite life."
—Florence on the story's aesop

The Finite Life of a Dating Sim Heroine is a Gender Bender Web Serial Novel being written by a new author named Florence. It tells the story of Michio Fuuji, a workaholic Ordinary High-School Student who works to pay for his mother's alcoholism. He meets his divorced father for his annual visit, and Michio meets his sister. His sister is obsessed with a Dating Sim which Michio doesn't find the appeal of. Then he touches the game and gets Trapped in Another World, or rather, The Life of a Dating Sim Heroine


This is complicated by Michio lot only knowing next to nothing about women, but also his irritation with the weak body. The series focuses on choices and the importance thereof. Though only a few chapters in at the time of this writing, Florence has given and so far kept up with his promise to update every Saturday.

After a brief hiatus, he has returned his attention to Finite Life, and has posted a teaser for chapter nine.

Recently moved to a blogspot [1] or on fictionpress here

Florence also updates with Riddle, an old project that he has begun to add to blogspot, with possibilities of new chapters being written.


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