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Many Words is a collection of serial fiction in several genres, from treasure-hunting aerial pirate tales to hard science fiction naval combat IN SPACE! stories to Vikings-and-magic low fantasy epics to the annals of science fiction-ish detectives.

In other words, speculative fiction for all tastes.


  • Ace Pilot: The crew of the pirate zeppelin Inconstant fits this bill, to a greater or lesser degree.
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  • Alternate History: In Skypirates' 1759, a French convoy sailed from Brest under the cover of a storm, reaching Quebec with reinforcements enough to stymie the British assault in 1760. One hundred sixty years later, the German Empire fights the Allied Powers to a standstill in the fields of France... with zeppelin aircraft carriers contesting the skies above.
  • Balkanize Me: The Skypirates setting puts forth a world where Quebec remains a French colony, the Americans and Confederates ended in 1862, and the American West ended up the independent nations of the Republic of Texas, Pacifica, and Columbia.
  • Cool Plane: The Skypirates setting is full of these, ripped off from German projects from the Second World War, and from Crimson Skies.
  • Follow the Leader: Speaking of Crimson Skies...
  • Ritual Magic: The Long Retreat world tends this way, as does its abandoned predecessor. Not many people know that, though.
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  • Rule of Cool: Why should power-to-weight ratios, stall speeds, and the density of helium stop anyone from landing twenty-some planes in a zeppelin?

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