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Idiot Hero / Theatre

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  • Siegfried from Richard Wagner's Ring cycle is told that he has to learn fear and is embarassed that he appears too stupid to learn it.
    Anna Russell: "... he’s very young, and he’s very handsome, and he’s very strong, and he’s very brave, and he’s very stupid…. He’s a regular Little Abner type."
    • It seems to be an hereditary trait on the male side, as Siegfried's father Siegmund in Die Walküre also is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (certainly compared to his sister Sieglinde who loses no time to work out that they are siblings). Siegmund's father Wotan also shows a spectacular lack of forward planning in Das Rheingold ("Okay, so I promised Freya to Fasolt and Fafner as price for building Walhall, which means that deprived of her apples of youth we gods will be screwed, but I'm sure Loge will think up something to get us out of this fix in time.")
  • The title character in Wagner's Parsifal (Percival) is a "pure fool" who can only be enlightened by understanding others' suffering.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: The ideal of a Gascon Cadet: You can do anything stupid as long as is heroic enough. As one cadet declares at Act IV Scene III:
    The First Cadet: ... Gascons should ever be crack-brained...
    Naught more dangerous than a rational Gascon.
  • Hope Cladwell and, to a lesser extent, Bobby Strong in Urinetown. The problem is that they're hopelessly naive in a deeply cynical musical.
  • In Pokémon Live!, Ash comes across as this since he is solely focused on obtaining the Diamond Badge, oblivious to Misty's feelings, and seemingly obsessed with Pokémon. However, in "I've Got A Secret", Ash sings about how he must move on from Pikachu's "departure" to follow his dream and become an adult. He gets over his idiocy by the end of the musical.