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    Strike Witches 
  • There's Yoshika's....shall we say, interesting... dream about Lynette, not to mention that Perrine clearly has a thing for Mio.
    • As of season 2 and the movie, Perrine's over the crush.
      • Not so much that Perrine is over her crush with Mio, more that her feelings of jealousy and paranoia of Mio being "taken away" as her romantic interest have ended and she's more mellowed into more reserved respect and romantic fondness. She did rub her face on the broom that Mio flew, asked Mio to join her in the open bath, and at the end of the 2nd Season flew into the Major's arms in a big glomping hug.
    • Don't forget the way Sanya always finds her way into Eila's bed after her night shift—and how Eila is in obvious adoration of Sanya. "Doesn't it make your heart throb?" indeed.
      • Heck, in an interview, the creator even described their relationship as "basically a junior high school boy who is hesitant on how to tell the girl he loves how he feels". Can't get more blunt than that.
      • Even more, in the "What If" series of tweets, we have Sanya's case:
    She was afforded the liberty of obtaining long-term leave or even to step down from the front lines if she so wished, but instead after she met briefly with her parents she returned to the night sky. The sky which her beloved flew in.
    • Let's not forget Minna's feelings for Mio, either.
      • Based on the events in Episode 8, Minna probably transferred her feelings for her old boyfriend (including concern for his safety) to Mio.
      • To elaborate: Minna and Mio have also had a great deal of romantic shades between them what with the two of them working together to ensure the 501st works well as a unit, as well as acting as close friends and confidants to a very deep and intimate degree, and at seeing Minna's concern for Mio and Mio's concern for Minna's state of mind and amusement at Minna's feelings towards her when she is finally forced to see them speak considerable volumes. The 2nd season only enforces this to a stronger degree with Minna's drunken spree and kissing Minna... and Minna in turn contemplating Mio kissing her on the beach and Minna comforting Mio when at a moment of great emotional weakness. Their relationship is an emotional roller coaster at times to be sure, but it also shows the strength of the bond they share with each other and as a consequence while a sizable amount of the fandom ships them as much as they do.
    • There's also a lot of Les Yay between Mio and Yoshika, what with Yoshika admiring Mio like crazy and Mio's mentor/Cool Big Sis role for Yoshika. The frequent Say My Name moments between them don't help.
    • And then of course theirs Gertrude and her sister Chris. I know some may argue that it's just a sisterly love, but given some of tone she takes in regards to talking about her little sister, plus the fact that their real life counterparts were married... I think it's safe to assume, (as a good number of Gertrude Fan's agree) that Trudey is a major sis-con.
    • The fandom is starting to notice this on Perrine and Lucchini. Many of their interactions are rather amusing in terms that they're complete polar opposites, especially episode 9 of the second season, where they share tons of Ship Tease moments, which would lead the popularity of this couple.
    • Relatedly, Luccini and Shirley. You COULD just say its friends...but Luccini really seems to like Shirley's chest. Hell, in the episode with the jet Striker, when Trude passes out against Shirley's chest, Luccini complains about "them being hers"...
    • Shirley/Gertrud. They may butt heads quite a bit, but the way they do so always seems to come across as they are both married. They may disagree with how to fulfill and approach their duties as CO ranked witches but the himegoes do show that they can still recognize and respect each others abilities and even in the animated series shows that despite it all they still care about each other. The fact after Trudy passed out trying to use the jet striker to defeat a neuroi attacking the base and was saved by Shirley, and upon being saved was found nestling on and groping Shirley's bust shows hints of considerable shipping fuel. Shimada creating art of the two of them in civilian attire, arm in arm; certainly helped to encourage this and has reinforced both Shirley a Gertrud as popular, favored pairing as any of the other witches.

    Brave Witches 

  • We're only one episode into Brave Witches and we already have a moment between the Karibuchi sisters, Hikari & Takami, when the two are bathing together, Hikari asks to see the scar underneath Takami's right breast and Hikari stares at it and then proceeds to touch it and Takami giggles saying that it tickles in reaction to it
  • While the level of Les Yay seems to have been tuned down from the original Strike Witches, there are still some small instances:
    • After episode 4, Nao starts behaving a lot like a classic Tsun Dere towards Hikari.
    • Episode 6 mainly centers on Sasha, but her relationship with Nipa also gets highlighted, culminating in a scene where she cries on Nipa's chest.
  • Krupinski is a canon womanizer, and in most of her appearances you can find at least one moment in which she flirts with a girl, or expresses a desire to meet a cute one.
    • Episode 8 has her at first unenthused about an escort mission...until she did a quick 180 when shown a picture of a cute Witch who would also be participating.
      • At the end, she gets her wish of getting to spend time with her.
      • The Eye Catch for this episode features Krupinski in a "morning after" scene with another girl visibly in the background. (it's Rossmann)
      • In the Brave Witches OVA: she even tries to give flowers to and romance Sanya all the while Eila tries to intercept her out of Eila's expected jealousy towards anyone "looking at Sanya"; and doing so at wandering into the bedroom when Sanya was in her underwear. While it dosen't necessarily take, Krupinkski, undeterred; attempts to then romance Eila. Their is a reason Waltrud strongly carries her reputation of being a womanizer.

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