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Nightmare Fuel / Strike Witches

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Strike Witches tackles some very serious subject matters pertaining to battles and wars in a magical girl series.

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    Strike Witches 
  • In the prologue, the Neuroi appear into our world via the vortexes in the skies and wreak havoc on various cities.
  • As often the case in Truth in Television, soldiers get wounded and killed in battle. As summed up in one of the military officer's lines:
    "This is a slaughter, kid."
  • Gertrud witnessing the destruction of Karlsland and Chris getting injured in the resulting attack.
  • When Gertrud gets shot down by the Neuroi, she bleeds heavily from her stomach and came this close to dying when Yoshika heals her.
  • The death of Minna's lover can catch people off-guard.
  • Minna trying to stop Mio when she loses her powers is unnerving.

    Strike Witches - The Movie 
  • The opening sequence depicts a unit of Allied infantry, tanks, and naval ships attacking a group of Neuroi ground units. Unfortunately for them, a massive capital class Neuroi air unit arrives and blasts the infantry into oblivion. Then, it attacks the naval fleet with a single blast through the ships and later destroys a nearby European city. That is a horrifying display of the power that a Neuroi of the second Neuroi war is potentially capable of...
  • On the Amagi, an officer gets trapped in falling debris and the ship's captain is forced to close it.
  • When Yoshika and Shizuka enter a hospital in Gallia to help the injured, the latter witnesses firsthand the grisly nature of those injuries.
  • Shizuka getting shot down from behind by the Neuroi.
  • Yoshika's head is bleeding the moment she gets sent flying into the ground by the Neuroi.

    Brave Witches 
  • Takami exhausts her powers to the point of unconsciousness.
  • Hikari getting frozen in the icy water during a mission in Orussia.
    • The Fridge Horror sets in when you consider that for Hikari, when she was hit by a weaponized blizzard attack from a Neruoi weather control air unit; she was promptly subject to the early stages of onset hypothermia and both Sadoko and Georgette are deeply worried for her safty and well being; expression concern that she might freeze to death, succumbing to hypothermia. And consider that Hikari is a witch, and wither her magical power, even factoring she has lower then average magical potential; she was hit by an weaponized icy blast of cold air that took her to showing symptoms of hypothermia at all. Imagine what would have happened if a normal person without magic was hit by that same attack..... it's likely they would be frozen to death as a proverbial block of ice.
  • Towards the end of the series, Hikari realizes that Takami will use her Absolute Eye to exhaust her powers again and rushes out into the Final Battle to help.

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