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The Neuroi are The Heartless / Enemy Without of Mankind
World War II, the war to end all wars. The Holocaust, all those terrible things were averted in this verse because all the death, all the inhumanity to man coalesced outside the human heart and started killing people instead of people doing it.

Erika is a tactical genius who is just too lazy to use her mind
As evidenced by episode 4 of the second season, and her sister's personality from the novels. She probably passed by the briefing room and caught a glimpse of how fast the Neuroi was. She knew Shirely would be assigned to attack the core-section but would be unable to catch-up. She gave Trude the transmitter so she would use the Jet Striker to save Shirely. Additionally, she knew this would mend their relationship by the end. I think the french fries also probably factored into her plan somewhere along the way. — Andaria

Since her magic makes her the C-n-C for the squad. She knew all along...that Sakamoto is losing her powers, since growing up sucks for witches. Plus Mio's almost 20, she had to know. It took Mio's shield weakening to hammer it home.

Sound of the Sky is the distant future of Strike Witches
Note: I haven't formally watched the former show. Ok so after the Neuroi are defeated/reasoned with, the army still has to put all these young girls somewhere, thus leads to the new female squadrons. The level of technology is on par, and both shows imply a Japanese or global diaspora. — Andaria
  • No one in the Sound of the Sky setting is capable of using magic, so it doesn't seem like it would be the same world. Although one could argue that the Magitek used in Strike Witches was adapted to make the Spider Tanks and other black boxes, and that there is no depiction of magic simply because no magic users actually appear. And I just killed my own argument, but oh well. —Pac Sol

Spice and Wolf is the Middle Ages of the Strike Witches world
The ears, the magic? Holo can't be the only God/Goddess lying around. Perhaps the "DNA" is diluted over generations, but what if the Witches are descendants of Holo and her kin around the world?

Strike Witches takes place in the year 3954 a.C (after Christ) A.K.A. 1939 a.I (after Instrumentality)
I get this idea when i read another WMG in the Code Geass page (i actually see this one as a prequel of the Code Geass one) that is also about Strike Witches.

I think that after the two types of Seeds of Life where spread around the galaxy, the First Ancestral Race created a thirth type based on Adam and spred it too or maybe they just spread a prototype of the Adam-class seed along the other two. Those were the Neurois and after centuries of evolving they got their own reasons of take over other planets. After End of Eva maybe a part human population that return to their human form decide to start over. In 1939 after the restart of humanity, the Neurois arrive to earth and begin to attack and that is when Strike Witches begin.


Here are the similarities between Angels and Neurois that make thing they are related:

  • Both are aliens
  • Both have regenerative abilities
  • The only way to destroy/kill them is destroying their core.
  • Both can take a humanoid form: Kaworu in the Angels side and in the Neurois side the one who looks like a Witch with an Striker Unit.
  • The weapons of the humans side have origins related with the enemy: Eva Series an the Warlock's energy source. This leads us to...
  • Both "infected" the human weapons that are related to them: Eva-03 in the Angels side and the Warlock in the Neurois side.

At least this is my idea and I think it could make some sence. Also the magic could be a side effect of Instrumentality.

The Neuroi are split into two fractions
On one hand we have the warmonger, who want it "Us or them", represented by the maschine-like Neuroi and on the other we have the peace willing Neuroi, represented by the humanoid Neuroi.

That would explain why the humanoid Neuroi in the beginning of Season 2 was destroyed: the warmongers couldn't allow them to start negotiations.


Dr. Miyafuji lives
I see two possiblities: Fuso/Britannia is hiding him to let/make him work without interruptions. He still gets time to work on Strikers for his daughter, probably based on reports he gets over military channels.

The other is that he went into hiding so that he doesn't have to develop war machinery. He still wants his daughter to be safe and develops new Striker for her. Where his information come in this case is another question. Mio is first in row for finger pointing. Maybe she promised him to keep it a secret.

  • Not only is he alive, but he's somehow connected to the Neuroi, hence his ability to send plans for new, more advanced equipment just long enough before things go badly for a solution to be available.

The underwear bug was Not-So-Harmless Villain
All we know of the bug (from S2 E7) is it drains energy and likes witch butts. Now, there's nothing special about that area — except when the witch is using magical energy. If it really could suck the power out of an active witch, the underwear targeting was not random but a logical (if underinformed) covert attack. Whether it would let the Neuroi use witch magic or simply cripple or kill the witch is speculation upon speculation.
  • Since the 'drone' part increased in size when the core drained energy, it was likely targeting high-energy sources...power cables and the order to increase its own strength. Even if it merely inconvenienced the witch it was draining, it would make the attack-form stronger, while at the same time, being in a form that, while fragile, was far too small and agile to attack directly. It was just bad luck that Minna has Buns Of Steel.

  • What happened to Amer.. I mean Liberion.
    • Hamfisted symbolism by the look of it, just look at the shape it pretty obviously forms a crude five pointed star.
    • The official timeline for the series outlines that the Neruoi have been around since the High-point of Egypt's power and influence as a major power in human history, though possibly they could have been around for much longer due to the implication of how old neuroi are and may be. Combined with the fact Neruoi are stated as being in need of raw resources and metals for their own use, making armored shells and birthing new Neuroi, as well as certain Neruoi being able to burrow underground and change their surroundings dramatically; its plausible that Neruoi of old may have changed and affected plate tectonics of the North Liberion continent. Granted it begs the question of why their are no Neuroi on the North or South Liberion's; but due to the land bridge that once existed between Eastern-Asia and the North America's, the various peoples that would be the indigenous tribes and peoples of these two continents and the presence of witches; the Ancient peoples of these tribes and indigenous civilizations may have had witches of their own fight to eliminate or at least seal away these Neuroi.

  • Shows a round hole in the Australian continent and a hunk of China missing.
    • Must have taken something more powerful than thermonuclear bombs to do that sort of devastation.
      • Actually the timeline outlines that a heavy Neuroi infestation and the actions of Neuroi caused these regions to "die out" in various periods in hsitory: ranging from AD.0029 (Judea), AD 0079 (Australius), AD 0660 (Middle East), AD 1206 The Qafqaz (Caucasus) and AD 1224 (South Orussia, Don River basin)respectively; witch each region apparently being figuratively and literally consumed by the Neruoi. However it's noted that this map is from older cannon sources and it's geography has been since retconed into a newer map where these regions now still exist in current cannon; but were still heavily infested, taken over by Neruoi, the local human populations either eradicated outright, heavily diminished or displaced; and the region rendered less then ideal for human living for a period of time. The region of what would be China being an inland sea in old cannon is in current cannon a region known as "The Empty Desert Region": a no-man's-land so heavily infested and controlled by the Neruoi that only a few human military front-line bases dot it's territory for containment near or just inside it's borders and the region, and while the norther half of this territory is an important supply route for the human allied army by air to the Orussian Front: is a dangerous one to make due the the extent of Neuroi infestation.

The Neuroi are a Nazi experiment that got out of control
  • The Neuroi were an experiment for war by the Nazis in Karlsland after they came to power. Then the Neuroi got loose and started destroying all of humanity, thus being able to combine the nations on both sides of WWII to fight the Neuroi.
    • Jossed, since thankfully the Nazis never took over power in Karlsland.
      • More over, the Neruoi are not a human invention: they are a supernatural, alien race originally not native to Earth; although their exact origins are as enigmatic a mystery as the Neruoi themselves. Although it says something that even by the standards of the Strike Witches Earth, with magical girls relying on animal spirits forming compacts with the witch to control their magic, and the existence of Sauna Elfs or Tonttu and other possible spirits: the Neruoi are considered to be "supernaturals".

The Neuroi are Transformers
  • They can assimilate with technology and transform. The Decepticons are the Neuroi fighting the witches, the humanoid Neuroi that tried to communicate with the humans are Autobot envoys, who were destroyed by the Decepticons. The Transformers also have appeared in human history.
    • Alternatively, and a more logical theory is that the Neuroi are actually spawns of Unicron, since they eat land, much like that Unicron eats planets. The Witches are all techno-organic humanoid constructs created by the Autobots to stop the threat of Unicron from destroying the Earth which could explain them "transforming" whenever they use their Striker Units. Additionally, each Witch has an essense of an Autobot's spark (Mio has Optimus Prime's spark and Yoshika has Bumblebee's spark, etc.). Lastly, the "magic" is actually Energon the Witches are using, with the energy the Neuroi using being Dark Energon.

The Neuroi are Cousins of the Dalek
  • Well; a Doctor Who theme hasn't been suggested yet. They are apparently part machine and seem to like killing humans for absolutely no reason other than they exist.

The Panty Shots are the result of aerodynamics
Once you've settled on propellers rotating around the ankles then the rest falls into place. First you need to minimize the pilot weight in order to get off the ground, hence young girls. Second they must have skintight clothing below their hips for smooth airflow to the propellers. Third their leg supports must keep each leg straight to avoid excessive stress on their knees. Fourth they must keep their knees parted so the propellers don't run into the other leg. And fifth the leg irons lower their center of gravity so the most effective way to turn is to bend at the waist.

The Neuroi are the Anti-Spirals and all Witch magic is spiral based
Its shockingly pretty similar if you look at it. The Neuroi are simply the anti-spirals from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in another name. The anti-spirals and Neuroi are both black and red computer CGI robots who resemble weird geometric shapes and explode when destroyed. They also seem bent on exterminating humanity for no real reason other than the fact they're there. The Striker units themselves are powered by the spiral energy latent in people, similar to how Gurren Lagann was powered by Simons spiral energy. It has been shown that with extreme effort and focus a Witch can push the Striker unit beyond it's technical capabilities through seeming hotbloodiness. It would make sense at this people to theorize that Strike Witches and Gurren Lagann share the universe though presumably Strike Witches takes place before Gurren Lagann. The lack of an anti-spiral messenger could be explained with the two humanoid Neuroi that show up, presumably they never seeded an anti-spiral messenger and had to come up with a last minute replacement (or they were planning on turning Miyafuji into one)

The offer from the Helvetian Medical school is actually a Xanatos Gambit by Sakamoto
She thought that if she could get Yoshika back into the war zone, her magic would reappear — as indeed it did.

Hartmann is diabetic or has other blood sugar related issues
She sleeps a lot, her room is littered with juice (wine?) bottles, and has been shown on many occasions to have very low energy except after eating, which is taken Up to Eleven in The Movie when she nearly collapses midflight, only to be saved by Barkhorn's emergency chocolate ration. And then there is her strong fondness for sweets and candy...

The reason why Anna Ferrara is that good at broom riding
She's living alone there and gets lonely, so she uses the broom to relieve tension (look at how Miyafuji, Yoshika and Perrine reacted the first time).

Rommel from OVA 2 is a younger brother of Erwin Rommel
OVA!Rommel front name is Ernst Joachim instead of Erwin Johannes, and he's 48 years old (real life Rommel would be 53 in 1945).

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