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  • In one scene, there is a misunderstanding between Ryou who thinks Nagisa wants to confess her love to her. Nagisa only wants help with her drama club, but Ryou accepts before fully processing her question ("Yes… [beat] Huh?") and the sudden yuri imagery also doesn't help. Tomoya and Youhei who set this up get their comeuppance when Ryou's sister Kyou rushes in and demonstrates her double head-lock on them.
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  • Kyou decides to show her sudden friendship with Kotomi by pouncing on her and hugging her closely for a prolonged period of time. Ultra-reserved Kotomi is visibly and audibly torn between shying away and enjoying it.
  • The relationship between Sunohara and Tomoya is often cracked on by Tomoya himself, especially seen in the second-to-final episode before the OVA, which features an Imagine Spot where Tomoya braids a flower crown for Sunohara and the two of them run through the surf in matching shorts.
    • In episode 15 of the first season of the anime, Sunohara persistently asks Tomoya to play basketball with him. When Nagisa is confused why Tomoya is avoiding Sunohara, Tomoya answers that basketball is just an excuse to spend time with him and that Sunohara loves him.
  • Also, Kappei with both Tomoya and Sunohara, get both an Unsettling Gender Reveal. Sunohara, in denial, still pursues what Tomoya calls "unrequited love."
  • In minor character examples, Rie and Sugisaka, the two girls from the chorus club, are almost never seen without each other. In the second season ED, they're holding hands and looking at each other. (This also makes them the only characters out of the entire cast that interact in it aside from Tomoya and Nagisa, who are also looking at each other). In the epilogue, they're seen living together.
  • In the Visual Novel, it's actually happens between Tomoya and Sunohara in the Bad Ending. Let's just say that the gaming console's plug didn't go where it should go.
    • The bad ending supposedly played this for laughs as it clearly, would never happen. Doesn't stop you from laughing your ass off when Tomoya acts ultra gay towards Sunohara.


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