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Heartwarming / X-Wing Series

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  • The romance between Myn Donos and Lara Notsil. Until he learns that she is actually Gara Petothel, the spy who killed his previous squadron.
    • They manage to move on, and as of Mercy Kill they're Happily Married with four kids.
  • Kirney's faithful astromech begging her to not make a Heroic Sacrifice in the name of Redemption Equals Death. May double as a Tear Jerker.
  • In any of the Wraith Squadron books, any time the words "morale" and "boost" are in close proximity, an adorably Zany Scheme will ensue shortly. Two notable ones are Runt's formal dance, and Wedge's "rebellion of anonymity" on the Mon Remonda.
  • Wedge and Tycho are the only remaining members of Red Flight still flying after four-vs-thirty fight, and both of their fighters are badly damaged. Any further combat will likely kill them. Enter the Strike The Moons Flightknife, here to prove that there's more to Adumari honor than who you've managed to kill. Strike The Moons buys time for the last of Red Flight to escape by attacking a nominally friendly squadron.
    Captain ke Mattino: "You have won your departure. I will not allow some honor-grubber to deprive you of it in this fashion."
    • And then Wedge finds out later that Mattino died in the battle, which goes straight into Tear Jerker territory.
  • General Salm is the cause of a minor one. After the briefing for the first strike at Blackmoon, he withdraws his earlier slew of charges against Corran Horn for conduct in the previous battle. Why? He has a very bad feeling about Blackmoon, and would rather have Corran flying with them than grounded by the charges.
  • The few shout-outs to Lara and her "King of the Droids" plan in Mercy Kill, since it's obvious that the old Wraiths know what she did for her squadron and are happy to tell the younger ones about it. Add that to the fact that Piggy is clearly happy to see Kirney when she shows up in a cameo, and the fact that she and Myn definitely did end up together, and it warms the heart to know that for once the poor, damaged woman has something good going for her, and a former squadron who hasn't forgotten her contributions.
    • Bonus points for the fact that Piggy recognizes Kirney, meaning that she and Myn trusted at least a few of their former squadmates to know that she had in fact survived.
  • Kell and Tyria have a daughter named Jesmin. The earliest Wraiths are not forgotten.
    • Also that Jesmin and Wedge's daughter Myri were apparently childhood friends. The Wraiths were never as close to Wedge as the Rogues, so that's doubly sweet that that bond is there.
  • At first, Voort has problems working with Scut, a Yuuzhan Vong who joined the new iteration of Wraith Squadron. Scut is quite hostile to Voort at first, which he puts down to Fantastic Racism or just Scut being a Jerkass, but Voort soon figures out the real reason why: Because Scut is the adopted son of a man saved by the Wraiths decades ago, and he hero-worshipped Voort, who responded to him with dismissive Fantastic Racism of his own.

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