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The epitome of love can be found in those eyesnote .

  • The Foundation for the Decreasing of World Suck, the Vlogbrothers' thoughtful charity organization.
  • Almost all of the montages.
  • The Day the Youtubes Died.
  • When John faced his fear of heights, by getting on a table, to win a bet where $5000 would go to charity. After doing so he played in the snow with his puppy.
  • This video, in which John sings a lullaby to Baby Henry. It's so clear how much he enjoys being a dad.
  • This walk.
  • In the first Crash Course video, John says, "and as we say in my home town, don't forget to be awesome."
  • Hank's video for the 1000 video milestone.
  • Any video where one of the brothers talks about how much he respects and appreciates his brother (there are too many examples to list). You don't need Esther Day to feel the love.
  • This video, where Hank explains that while he hates Florida, he also loves it because going there gives him the ability to see old friends again.
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  • This unprecedented moment in Brotherhood 2.0 history, especially the montage at the beginning. Damn it, John and Hank. Just... damn it.
  • Cooking with a 3-year old. He's so adorable! And Henry's cute too.
  • The Cheek Stroke. Just read the comments!!
  • The simplest and yet perhaps most profound thing of all: Brotherhood 2.0 did exactly what it was supposed to do. Two brothers who talked together maybe once or twice a year before it all began now talk on the phone practically every day - eleven years after the project ended.
  • On the last day of Brotherhood 2.0 (Dec 31, 2007), the two brothers got together and a sang a duet called "Goodbye Brotherhood 2.0" to commemorate all of the memories that they've shared over the year. As sad as it is, it is absolutely adorable.
  • Hank's video on sexual abuse and consent, based on debunking old views of the concept and creating a general You Are Not Alone atmosphere that rubbed off on a lot of fans in the comments. John's next video even ended with him saying that this video made him proud to be Hank's brother.


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