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  • When thousands of nerdfighters gathered together with Esther to get the Harry Potter Alliance $250,000 to improve literacy.
    • Somewhat related to the above when nerdfighters earned enough money with the HPA to get four planes to Haiti after the earthquake: The S.S Harry, S.S. Ron, S.S Hermione, and the S.S DFTBA.
  • An Evening of Awesome at Carnegie Hall!
    • John & Hank doing a cover of They Might Be Giants's version of Cub's "New York City". John actually has a pretty good voice.
  • Barack Obama telling John's unborn second child to "Not forget to be awesome!" Yes, the leader of the free world is a nerdfighter!
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  • Pretty much any and all of their Project for Awesome events. Especially (as of June 2014) the 2013 P4A where they raised more than $800,000 spread out over 20 charities.
  • When they pwned Oprah.
  • These lines from "Goodbye Brotherhood 2.0":
    And though it is true that our project is ending,
    The rules, it seems, may need some amending.
    To all of Youtube, we must say,
    John and Hank Green are here to stay.
  • "I Know". It's an awesome Ear Worm with the entirety of the lyrics composed of only ten words.
  • When they raised over a million dollars for the Project for Awesome 2014.
  • Hank, alongside Bethany Mota and GloZell Green, got the chance to interview the President.
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  • John Green recounts his legendary senior prank. It involved him and his friends simultaneously setting off $200-300 of fireworks as well as 100 Roman candles. However, that was actually the prank that they set up to fake out the administration. The real prank was getting a child psychologist to come and give a speech about teenage sexuality. Doesn't sound like much of a prank until the psychologist starts taking off her clothes, since she's actually a stripper.


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