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Tear Jerker / VlogBrothers

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  • "Esther, my friend: Godspeed." The whole video is a complete Tear Jerker, but that last moment, when you can see John trying not to cry, is just heartbreaking.
  • Thoughts From Places videos are sometimes this combined with Heartwarming Moments.
  • Hank discusses being bullied very matter of factly.
    Yes, it absolutely does get better. But when you are being physically and psychologically tortured, it is difficult to remove yourself from the situation at hand. Here is how I handled bullying: I cried, I hated myself, I hated my life. I didn't deal with it. I survived it.
    • John's video on bullying as well. John gives a very personal and heartfelt narration about the subject overlayed with a single shot of John riding a train and solemnly staring into the camera.
      • In the video, John mentions how his middle school self would often fantasize about hurting his bullies in ways such as forcing them to apologize at gunpoint, making them feel as scared and powerless as he did. The image is very jarring.
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  • Out of all the possible themes for Brotherhood 2.0, it had to be this song.
  • The song that John and Hank sang together on the last day of Brotherhood 2.0 to commemorate all of their memories over the year.
  • The day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Hank made this video. He looks and sounds extremely disheartened throughout the video for obvious reasons, without even a small bit of his usual energy.
    "I'm just trying to remember that the world is a good place and that the number of hugs per gunshot victim is very, very high."
  • "Lighting Candles for Rwanda" is all-in-all a very sad video. It starts with a long, unedited shot of Hank solemnly lighting a candle and sitting in silence. Afterwards, he starts talking about Rwandan genocides while on the verge of tears, and how Americans should be ashamed for not talking about it, let alone taking action.
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  • "So I Moderated an Axe Murderer", a now-private video John starred in back in his college days, is equal parts somber and terrifying, as John talks about a boy that he knew and teased in high school that would grow up to not only be molested by a 45-year old man, but do the same to an 11/12-year old child before murdering him with an axe. John's final statement is especially poignant, and manages to convey all of the guilt, shame, and remorse that must've been rotting inside him in one sentence.
    "I was very mean to Sam Maisey... and, uh, y'know, he was just a little kid."
  • Hank's first response to the November 13 attack in Paris.
    Hank: 'The world is broken, but hope is not crazy'? Yeah... that's a John Green one. It's hard to think about the effect this is gonna have globally, on Europe, but I just think like, right now, I'm... I wanna think about people who lose their lives to save people, to help people and, I think about the people who've lost people... and I think about the people who are lost.
  • Anyone who knows about Hank's greyhound Lemon and how much he loves her will be very devastated to find out that on February 18th, 2016, Lemon passed away from osteosarcoma. Hearing how absolutely downtrodden Hank sounds can be saddening to anybody, but especially people who are dog lovers, own a dog, and/or have gone through the pain of having their pet dog die.
    • The fact that since osteosarcoma almost instantly metastasizes to the lungs, there was basically nothing Hank and his wife could do aside from getting Lemon a painful amputation that will probably be short-term anyway.
    • "She wasn't a treasure, but she was my treasure."
    • There's even some fridge tearjerker in the sense that many have inferred that the path Hank is walking in the video is the same path he used to walk with Lemon.
  • John's video about the Orlando massacre. He seems to be at the same loss for words as everyone else but encourages the audience to remember the victims in ways such as him reading out each name of the 49 casualties at the end of the video.
  • John's video on why he hasn't written a book since The Fault in Our Stars is emotional in a number of ways, particularly with how John became disillusioned with writing after the pressure of following up the Tough Act to Follow that was TFIOS.
    "Writing had always been a safe and sane way for me to pour out my obsessiveness and recursive thinking. But then suddenly it just didn't provide that release anymore and I realized y'know that I, I could stop. [...] I missed writing but in the way you miss someone you used to love."
    • The image of John in a hotel room looking through hundreds of pages of a new story, realizing that they'll never become a book, and sobbing is very upsetting.
    • However, the video does end on a happy note, with John saying that he's returned to writing but is still uncertain about his future with it.
  • "A Day in the Life of a Writer (Who Has No Friends)" is not outwardly very sad, but it is kinda depressing to see John completely alone in a room and wishing his friends were here.
  • "Ode to a Dog", John's eulogy for Fireball Wilson Roberts Green (Willy for short), his dog. He goes through all of the fun memories of Willy, including a heartwarming moment regarding John's OCD, the result feeling very much like a funeral.


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