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Heartwarming / The Wandering Earth

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"When the Earth is destroyed, there will be nobody left to see! We're going back!"

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this Heartwarming page. All spoilers will be unmarked. Read at your own risk.

  • We learn that Han Duoduo was orphaned as a baby in a tsunami, but rescued by Han Zi'ang and treats her just like one of his own grandchildren.
  • While escaping from the collapsing prison, Liu Qi stops to save Tim by prying open the bars of the cell, risking his own life.
  • Makarov is just an all-round pleasant guy; he congratulates Liu Peiqiang on his retirement, hands him a bottle of vodka as a retirement gift, and insists on helping Peiqiang navigate the outside of the Navigation Platform International Space Station, despite being a bit of a coward.
  • As shown in the image at the top of this page, upon hearing Han Duoduo's pleas, hundreds of rescue workers turn their trucks around to go back to the Sulawesi Earth Engine to provide assistance, deciding that it's better to fight for a chance at survival rather than accept their fate.
    • Even better, their efforts do allow the reconfigured engine to be reactivated. And they're not alone, for the Earth Engines in Singapore and Jakarta also activate in a similar reconfigured state after the Sulawesi engine reactivates.
  • When Liu Peiqiang decides to launch the Navigation Platform International Space Station into the Sulawesi Earth Engine's plasma beam, he makes sure to detach the hibernation modules from the station and initiate evacuation protocol, sparing the rest of the crew from the same fate.
  • Wang Lei's final command to his team, and more or less a command to the rest of Earth.
    Wang Lei: Members of rescue unit CN171-11. Attention. This is an order. Live on.
  • The overall message of accomplishing the impossible by coming together and acting as one for the greater good. Constantly, throughout the film, we are shown that the actions of the main characters notwithstanding, someone else would have done the same things they did. Need to drive a lighter core to one of the Earth Engines? Multiple teams were en route, any teams who were too late to save their engine gets rerouted to the next engine. Need to break out of cryosleep to stop MOSS? Liu Peiqiang isn't the only one to have this idea, you can see shots of other astronauts breaking out of their capsules and attempting to reach the control station. Figure out a plan to ignite Jupiter? The Israelis thought of it too, although they didn't pursue it because there still wasn't enough flammable gas to use. Got your Earth Engines working and overclocked? Several other teams were all making the attempt. When we all work together, it is not merely that we can accomplish great things; rather, their accomplishment becomes an inevitability.
    • Based on the restart reports as the protagonists pass Manila, they aren't the only team crossing country borders: The Turin (Italy) report was from Norwegian rescue team NO013-01 on the scene, and the Singapore Engine 2 restart report was from an English-speaking member of Czech rescue team HR011-08.
  • Three years after the encounter with Jupiter, Liu Qi, Han Duoduo, and Li Yiyi have become an inseparable trio. Indeed, many others like the former workers of CN171-11 and other rescue teams greet him with respect. It's also apparent that Liu Qi had been honored for his bravery, as he's shown with a badge on his thermal suit.
  • At the end of the film, it's shown that Liu Qi has set the start-up message on his truck pass to be the same poem that Han Zi'ang had on his, as a memento to his late grandfather.
  • Somewhat meta, but one phrase that's commonly associated with the movie on the Chinese side of the internet is "祝地球好运" ("Good luck to Earth"). It's not good luck to one individual, one group of people, or even humanity as a whole; it's good luck to Earth. One unified human species all working together to save their beloved planet, almost like Earth is one big living being trying to survive and migrate to another home. Good luck to this living, wandering planet. Good luck to Earth.