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Heartwarming / Warcraft (2016)

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this page. There will be unmarked spoilers below. You have been warned.

  • The scene of Durotan and the pregnant Draka interacting before they make their march to join the rest of the Warband at the Dark Portal. It's a wonderful reminder that, for all their cultural roughness and the corruption that is consuming them, the orcs aren't mindless monsters, but an actual people who have fallen into darkness.
  • Durotan and his clan refusing to take part in a raid against a village filled with helpless civilians.
    • The scene of Durotan holding and playing with his infant son, Go'el, for much the same reason; it shows how, before Gul'dan's corruption, the orcs really weren't so different to humans.
  • Say whatever you will about Gul'dan, but he helped Draka deliver Go'el, saved the stillborn infant's life, then presented him to the Horde as their newest warrior, ensuring that the other orcs would not punish Durotan for allowing Draka to cross the portal while pregnant, and he did all this for no real benefit to himself, other than perhaps Durotan's intial gratitude.
  • Medivh's gift to Garona. It consists of him giving her a magical rose - which, when she lets go of it, takes her to Stormwind, where Lothar is.
  • Medivh's dying act is to redirect the Dark Portal to Stormwind, preventing the rest of the Horde from coming through and giving Llane and his men a chance to save the trapped prisoners. It's clear that he was a puppet for darker forces and that in his last moments, all he can do is try to make up for what he did while in their thrall.
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  • Although the overall event is a Tear Jerker, after Garona kills the king, the orcs hoist her into the air and triumphantly carry her to Gul'dan, announcing her as the one who killed "the human chieftain". Even Gul'dan welcomes Garona back to them as a true orc orc, and all the Horde begins to chant "Zug Zug" in her honor.
  • The orcs' allowing Lothar to leave unimpeded after he kills Black Hand, all while saluting him, despite Gul'dan's orders, as well as their angry jeering at Gul'dan for cheating in the mak'gora. This shows that despite the corruption of the Fell, the orcs have not lost their honor as warriors.
  • Go'el being found and taken in by humans in the final scene. This small, simple act that leads to the liberation of Orcs and peace between The Alliance and the Horde.