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Nightmare Fuel / The Wandering Earth

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this Nightmare Fuel page. All spoilers will be unmarked. Read at your own risk.

  • The image at the top of this page. While escaping from a collapsing prison, Tim comes across an unfortunate man whose suit was damaged, and froze to death. When Tim bumps into him, his lifeless body simply flops down into the ice.
    • Indeed, frozen people are seen throughout the movie. There is even a shot of three people who froze standing up while transporting a lighter core. It's as if in their sheer determination to get the lighter core to its destination on foot, they didn't even realize when they died.
    • There's also most of the Shanghai sequence, where the entire city is turned into a massive glacier. All sorts of things, people included, can be seen frozen.
  • The Hangzhou Earth Engine is completely obliterated by seismic activity, turning the artificial volcano into an actual volcano. The terrible part is that, like every other Earth Engine, there was an underground city below it, meaning that the people down there were swamped by magma with no escape.
  • Imagine if you were you were simply living your life, braving and overcoming numerous earthquakes, and suddenly, a message is broadcast telling you that the entire world will be annihilated by Jupiter and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. There is nowhere to run, and no place to hide. Everything that you ever knew will be destroyed, even the ground below your feet, and all 3.5 billion people on Earth will die the same way. What would you do?
    • Jupiter looming above Earth's sky itself, in a way. It would be quite beautiful if it weren't for the fact that this is the very thing that will be responsible for the destruction of the entire world. The fact Jupiter fills the whole sky is an indication that this enemy is the biggest threat ever encountered by mankind. Who would've expected that the planet Jupiter would one day become our enemy?