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Heartwarming / The Odd Couple

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The 1970s series

  • The concept of the show itself: that Oscar simply takes in Felix because his friend was in need and put up with his new roommates idiosyncracies for for years.
  • At the end of "The Fight of the Felix", when Oscar takes a punch for Felix and they have their "standing up for each other" talk.
  • A meta moment; when Jack Klugman was hospitalized for throat surgery, the first person to come to his side was his dear friend Tony Randall.
    • Jack was so fond of Tony that not only did he write a memoir about their friendship, but he also had dedicated an entire blog to him as well; makes watching all the times Oscar lashes out at Felix a little easier to think that deep down he doesn't mean any of it.
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  • The ending of "The Fat Farm" where Oscar tells Felix that he'll be happy even if he only lives 20 more years while Felix lives 25. Felix's (tearful) response? "I'll miss you."
  • Paul Williams Parental Love Song from "The Paul Williams Show."

The 2015 Series

For a modern-day sitcom, this series has a surprising amount:
  • In the pilot, Felix showing the slideshow of his and Oscar's trip to the beach with their (now ex) wives, and Oscar slowly realizing he misses his ex-wife.
  • Oscar gives up the chance to have sex with Casey, a professional model, to track down and comfort Felix, who's depressed because it's his first birthday since separating from his wife and because they happened to meet on his birthday as well.
  • "Sleeping Dogs Lie" reveals that the Madisons and the Ungers had annually gone on vacation together while they were still married. However, by the time of their most recent one, Oscar and Gabby had gotten a divorce, and unbeknownst to Oscar Gabby had taken to dating a 28-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder, whom she had brought along with Felix and Ashley on this last vacation. Knowing it would've crushed Oscar to find out the truth, Felix had instead lied to him and told him he and Ashley went alone.
    • However, Oscar becomes furious once he learns the truth and blows up on Felix, calling him a "bad friend" and a liar. At the end of the episode, however, he apologizes, saying that honesty is a sign of a good friend, not a bad one.
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  • Emily finally confessing her feelings to Felix in "The Audit Couple".
  • Oscar ditches a hot date and flies all they way to England just to save Felix and Emily's relationship. Swings over to funny because he does it by swiping Felix's money and paying for a first class ticket.


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