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Tear Jerker / The Odd Couple

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  • In the episode, "It's all Over Now, Baby Bird", Felix's parrot Albert dies, and the way Felix handles it is endearingly childlike. The plot of the episode revolves around Felix finding a proper burial for Albert. Eventually, he decides to have an elaborate "pet funeral" for him. While there's elements of comedy in it, Felix's mourning is for the most part played for sympathy, and the funeral is quite touching. The episode ends in a Heartwarming Moment when Albert turns out not to be dead afterall, and his first word after waking up from his coma is "Felix!"
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  • In a subtle example from the 1993 reunion movie, The Odd Couple: Together Again, Felix pays Oscar a visit when he learns he's in the hospital, being very concerned about the welfare of his friend; upon his arrival, Oscar is already equipped with bedpans with "GET LOST, FELIX!" written on them. In addition to that, when Gloria kicks Felix out until their daughter's wedding is over, he shows up at Oscar's place, to which Oscar doesn't want him to come in; Oscar does reason that he values their friendship, which is why he doesn't want a repeat of what those five years they lived together were like to possibly jeopardize it. Felix just stands there, and pitifully remarks, "So that's it? The two people who love me the most hate me?"
  • The 2015 remake's season two episode "Madison & Son" featured original series producer Garry Marshall as Oscar's father Walter. It ended up being Marshall's final on-screen role, as he would pass away less than three months after the episode aired. In tribute to him, a framed picture of Marshall with lead actors Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon can be seen in their apartment starting in season three.


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