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The Odd Couple doesn't have that much fanfiction (or much of a fanbase, for that matter) out there, but even in the relatively limited offerings gleaned from the Internet there are gems to be found.

  • Recommended by Petunia Pink
  • Author: icearrows1200
  • Pairing: Currently one-sided Oscar/Felix
  • Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance?
  • Rating: Teen for sexual suggestions/thoughts and profanity
  • Status: Ongoing (multiple non-linear one-shots)
  • Synopsis: In 1965 NYC, Oscar's in love with his best friend and roommate Felix and struggles to live with it-should he wait to see if Felix likes him that way back or not?

    • Title: Odd Bedfellows (full version ([1]), edited to reduce sexual content ([2]))
  • Recommended by Petunia Pink
  • Author: Nerdy_Earthling
  • Pairing: Oscar/Felix
  • Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Romance (erotic themes)
  • Rating: Mature for language and relatively mild sexual content
  • Status: Finished (multi-chapter)
  • Synopsis: After Oscar kisses and gropes Felix during a fit of heavy intoxication, the latter begins to bring up both to himself and to his roommate the possibility that they're attracted to each other, or at least the possibility that they'd turn to each other for sexual release when they can't pick up women.

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