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Heartwarming / The Jungle Book (1967)

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"With just the bare necessities of life!"
  • Baloo and Bagheera walking off into the sunset, singing "The Bare Necessities" together.
    • The normally severe Bagheera actually starts smiling and singing along.
    • A meta example. This was the last animated film Walt Disney worked on. The ending with Mowgli being drawn into the village by the singing girl was his idea, and he had to fight tooth and nail to convince Ollie Johnston that it was the right ending. Afterwards, Hazel George (Disney's personal nurse) went up to him in tears, saying that it was perfect.
  • The love and care that many of the jungle animals give to defenseless Mowgli is adorable.
    • Perhaps the sweetest example is with Colonel Hathi's wife Winifred. When Bagheera is attempting to recruit the elephants into helping him find Mowgli before Shere Kahn does, Hathi is indifferent due to his last encounter with Mowgli ending on a sour note. But once she hears what is going on, Winifred goes instantly into Mama Bear mode and breaks ranks to tell her husband off, claiming that Mowgli is no different than her and Hathi's own son and threatens to usurp him of his leadership if he doesn't help Bageera. This shows that despite not interacting with the Man-cub herself, Winifred cares for Mowgli's wellbeing to coerce her husband into caring as well.
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  • The group of vultures attempting to cheer up a saddened Mowgli with a barbershop quartet style number, and succeeding.
  • Baloo turns out to be all right. Naturally, Mowgli is so happy to reunite with his friend, especially for holding off Shere Khan earlier.


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