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Heartwarming / The Sword in the Stone

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  • It's the moment when Wart/Arthur pulled the sword from the stone in front of everybody.
    • Just the look of wonder and amazement on the people's faces were just... it was a good kind of tearjerker.
    • Most of all when Sir Ector begs for Arthur's forgiveness and demands that Kay bow to his new king.
    • The look on Kay's face after he bows. It's a cross between Heel Realization and Sudden Humility.
    • Poor Arthur throughout the whole thing keeps begging Sir Ector and Kay not to prostrate themselves before him in that adorable squeaky voice of his.
    • When Black Bart asks the boy’s name, Sir Ector initially replies “Wart” before catching himself and says “Arthur”.
      Narrator: So, at last the miracle had come to pass, in that far-off time upon New Year's Day, and the glorious reign of King Arthur was begun.
  • There's one just before. When Ector, Kay and most of the lords start arguing with each other to try to pull the sword from the stone, Sir Pellinore and Black Bart come to Arthur's defense, claiming that the boy deserves to try first, since he was the one who told them about the sword.
    Black Bart: Now hold on. That's not fair!
    Pellinore: I say we let the boy try it.
    Black Bart: That's what I say. Give the boy a chance!
    Pellinore: [to Arthur] Go ahead, son.
    • Even more so on Bart's behalf: had Arthur not forgotten Kay's sword at the inn, he was to be Kay's opponent in the tournament. Bart had a legitimate shot at winning the tournament and becoming King himself, but he gives it up and supports this squire boy instead.
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  • Unlike anyone else who tried to pull the sword out of the stone, Arthur had no intention of trying it to be king: he tried because it because he was being a good squire and trying to get a replacement sword for his adoptive brother.
  • The girl squirrel rushing to save Arthur from the broken branch.
    • In fact, the entire scene with Arthur and the girl squirrel, until the end.
  • Despite his cranky and sarcastic demeanor Archimedes does have several small moments where he shows that he cares for Wart and Merlin. Such as when he saves Wart from the pike, gives advice to Merlin during the wizard's duel with Mim and congrats Wart when he becomes Kay's squire, and at the end, he rejoices when Wart is declared king.
  • As Arthur is left exacerbated by his new title, Merlin returns from his 10-Minute Retirement quite happy with the turn of events, returning to his mentor role and giving Wart encouraging words about his future as king.
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  • The ending which pretty much solidifies Arthur's status as the Once And Future King of England in the hearts and minds of the world. And he always will be.
    Chorus: Hail King Arthur, Long Live the King!

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