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Funny / The Jungle Book (1967)

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  • The scene where the temple collapses.
    • As the precursor to this, when Louie suddenly finds himself being a Load-Bearing Hero (or Boss) for the temple, and is thus completely at Baloo's Tickle Torture mercy. The expression on Baloo's face when he realizes this and goes in for the kill is priceless, as is King Louie's laugh while being tickled, which sounds exactly like Br'er Rabbit from Song of the South.
      • On top of that, while Baloo is tickling Louie, a bunch of the monkeys have improvised a battering ram and smash into Baloo with it, shoving him into Louie's place; he gets a sheepish grin on his face that seems to say, "Well, I guess I had this coming." It doesn't improve Louie's situation, though, since he's shoved in place of another pillar and still stuck trying to keep his palace from falling apart. In the end, it doesn't work—the whole thing breaks down around him and he's left holding up just a single brick, surrounded by mountains of rubble.
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  • And just before that, when they're all fighting over Mowgli. King Louie grabs him from one of his monkeys, then Baloo yanks him out of Louie's hands and bonks Louie over the head with a hilarious thumping noise. Oh, and the animation is reused from the "Wind in the Willows" segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: namely, animation of Toad's group fighting with Winkie and his weasels fighting for possession of the deed to Toad Hall.
  • "Will you stop that silly beat business and listen?" (said by Bagheera when Baloo starts dancing to the primates' music when they're trying to rescue Mowgli from Louie).
  • This scene when Hathi is being convinced to help search for Mowgli:
    Junior: Pop, the man cub and I are friends. He'll get hurt if we don't find him. Please, Pop, sir? Please?
    Hathi: Now don't you worry, son. Your father had a plan in mind all the time.
    Winifred: [sarcastically] Sure you did!
  • The whole "What we gonna do?" gag between the vultures (one says, "What we gonna do?" and another says, "I dunno, what you wanna do?" and it starts over again because nobody has any ideas.
    • It eventually leads to a vulture saying, "Don't start that again!" at least once.
    • One of them gets frustrated and shouts, "Let's do something!".
  • Baloo interrupting his own moving epitaph, prompting indignant (and hilarious) fury from Bagheera.
    • Baloo's eyes open during the epitaph and his compliments before Bagheera and Mowgli are about to leave killed the sad nature of this part.
  • Baloo's Paper-Thin Disguise when he joins in on King Louie's dance! And the hilarity that ensues when the disguise is compromised.
  • Baloo tries to use a club on the monkey to rescue Mowgli, but he clubs Bagheera instead after the monkey slides under Baloo.
  • Bagheera disguising himself as a stone panther statue by the door, by mimicking its expression. It backfires.
  • Kaa trying to hypnotize Shere Khan and Shere Khan simply slapping him down and saying "No I can't be bothered with that. I have no time for that sort of nonsense." Also can be read as the following:
    It's ineffective.
    Shere Khan uses BITCH SLAP!
    It's super effective!
    • Made even funnier by the moment when he casually scratches inside Kaa's nostril with one claw, complete with squeaky-glass sound effect.
    • Prior to the above two moments, when Shere Khan overhears Kaa singing and sees his tail dangling from the tree, he grabs it and yanks on it like a door ringer. Complete with doorbell sound effect.
    • When Shere Khan thinks he hears snoring (which a sleeping Mowgli was doing), Kaa makes a funny snorting sound that's mimicking snoring.
    • Kaa's eyes widening in fear when Shere Khan casually bares his claws, as if to subtly remind him who the king of the jungle is.
    • Also, when Kaa tried to hypnotize Shere Khan, his singing sounded a little off-key before Khan shut him up.
    • Kaa saying, "Search me," then regretting it when Shere Khan tries to literally search him.
      Kaa: (sticks out his tail) "Nothing here (points in his mouth) and nothing in here!"
      Shere Khan: "Indeed, now how about the middle?"
      Kaa: "The middle?! Oh, the middle. (coils himself down enough for Mowgli to escape and Shere Khan feels, tickling Kaa) Ha ha, absolutely nothing in the middle!"
  • "Come on, Baggy, get with the beat!" (said by Baloo when he wants Bagheera to dance with him during the "Bare Necessities" song).
  • When Baloo pulls himself up over the cliff and screams "BAGHEERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" right in Bagheera's face. Bagheera ends up vibrating for a few seconds.
    • "Oh you heard me, huh?"
  • Khan stealing the vultures' number.
  • "Trust In Me", despite the song being a way for Kaa to convince Mowgli to let him eat him.
    • At one point, Kaa says, "You're snoring" and Mowgli sleepily apologizes.
  • This little gem...
    Baloo: I'll teach him all I know.
    Bagheera: Well, that shouldn't take too long.
    • The indignant look on Baloo's face afterwards is priceless.
  • When Bagheera explains to Baloo his plan to sneak up and take Mowgli, but after he finished and tells Baloo to get ready...
    Baloo: (dancing away) I'm gone, man. Solid gone.
    Bagheera: Not yet, Baloo!
  • Right after that scene, Bagheera has to run from the monkey/Mowgli parade, so he hides in the ruins by sitting across from a panther statue and adopting the exact same pose as the statue. From there, he almost grabs Mowgli until Baloo accidentally slams the door open on his face.
  • "COMPANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" (followed by involuntary elephant head-bang).
  • While inspecting his troops, one is smiling.
    Hathi: Wipe off that silly grin, soldier. This is the army.
    (the elephant frowns)
  • What happens when Hathi forgets to say, "Halt!" It's Stock Footage from one of Disney's cartoons, Goliath II.
    Mowgli: And they say an elephant never forgets.
  • When Hathi instructs one of the elephants whom he addresses as Bugler to sound his trumpet three times when Mowgli is sighted, Bugler, however, immediately proceeds to do so, prompting Hathi to silence him by squeezing his trunk. This animation is reused in Robin Hood (1973).
    Hathi: Shh! Not now, soldier.
    Bugler [nasally, with a sheepish look]: Sorry, sir.
  • Mowgli's first encounter with Hathi and the Jungle Patrol is full of these:
    Bagheera: Oh, no! The Dawn Patrol again...
    • Mowgli slips down the tree to watch the parade go by. He's so busy looking up at the bigger elephants marching past, he doesn't notice the much smaller Hathi Jr. run past at first, and does a Double Take upon realizing.
    • A moment later, Mowgli, wanting to join the parade, falls in behind Hathi Jr., dropping down on all fours to march along behind. But when Hathi calls for the herd to turn around, Mowgli, who doesn't understand military lingo, keeps on going... and bumps face-first into Hathi Jr., who was coming the other way. The two march along face-to-face, Mowgli going backwards, and Jr. has to tell the man-cub to turn around. Whereupon the boy quickly peels away, turns around and keeps marching, as if he's trying to pretend nothing happened.
    • Then, when Hathi calls for the herd to turn around again, Mowgli repeats his earlier mistake by marching onward whilst the elephants follow the command. Mowgli looks back over his shoulder to check he's doing it right... then does another Double Take and comes running back to catch up. Only now Hathi has just called for the herd to halt, and Mowgli frantically tries to stop himself, but crashes into the back of Jr. and goes sprawling to the floor.
    • The elephants make themselves out to be a militaristic group, and yet judging by lyrics such as "We march from here to there and it doesn't matter where", they're essentially just wandering around aimlessly.
  • This exchange between Buzzy and Baloo after the vultures rescue Mowgli from Shere Khan:
    Buzzy: He's safe now! You can let go, Baloo!
    Baloo: Are you kiddin'? There's teeth on the other end!
  • When Kaa got a knot on his tail and it's stuck between two branches.
    Mowgli: [laughing] Bagheera, he's got a knot in his tail!
    Kaa: [mocking Mowgli] He-he-he, "he's got a knot in his tail"!
  • Then Kaa whines as he leaves that the aftereffects are really going to slow down his slithering.
  • Head elephant inspecting one of his troop's trunks: "Tsk tsk tsk tsk. A dusty muzzle."
  • Baloo and Bagheera's responses to Mowgli's sudden development of a Precocious Crush. Baloo tries to take him away basically saying, "Yeah, you've seen her, come away, girls are nothing but trouble. Also, cooties." Bagheera, on the other hand, "About damn time".
    Baloo: Mowgli, come back! Come back!
    Bagheera: Go on! Go on!
  • This exchange:
    Bagheera: "You wouldn't marry a panther, would you?"
    Baloo: "I don't know. Come to think of it, no panther ever asked me."
  • After Mowgli escaped from his clutches for the second time and Kaa got a knot in his tail again, "If I never see that skinny little shrimp again, it will be too soon."
  • On their first encounter, Mowgli tries to slug Baloo in the stomach.
    Baloo: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Pitiful. [grabs Mowgli, who starts kicking his legs] Hey, kid. You need help, and ol' Baloo's gonna learn ya to fight like a bear.
    • Baloo tries to get Mowgli to scare him.
    Mowgli: Grr.
    Baloo: (beat) Oh brother.
    • Later, Baloo accidentally hits Mowgli a bit too hard, causing him to cartwheel into a tree.
  • From the "The Bare Necessities" song...
    When you look under the rocks and plants / And take a glance at the fancy ants / Then maybe try a few...
  • On a film-making perspective, when the Sherman Brothers were presenting Walt with the original demo version of "We're Your Friends," Dick had to take into account that Walt had a Chicago-accent, and pronounced "hover" as "hoover". When Dick got to the part of "And when you're lost/ who hovers near/ to fluff you up/ when you are down," Dick broke down struggling to sing "hoover". And everybody including Walt started laughing.
  • When Baloo is floating on his back and Mowgli is sitting on his chest, Baloo asks Mowgli to flick a fly off his nose. However, a monkey kidnaps Mowgli and replaces him with another monkey, who hits Baloo on the nose. Baloo thinks the other monkey is Mowgli and says, "Boy, when you flick a fly, you really..."
  • Even though Mowgli's in danger of being eaten, there's something funny about Bagheera being too half-asleep to notice Kaa is trying to eat Mowgli.
    Mowgli (to Kaa): Oh, go away and leave me alone!
    Bagheera: Oh, that's just what I should do, but I'm not. Now, now, please go to sleep, man cub.
    Kaa: Yes, man cub. (singing) Please go to sleep, please go to sleep. Sleep, little man cub. Rest in peace.
    Mowgli: (choking) Bagheera...
    Bagheera: Oh, now... Now, look. There's no use arguing anymore. Oh! Now no more talk 'til morning.
    Kaa: He won't be here in the morning.
    Bagheera: Oh, yes he will. (wakes up completely) I, uh, hey, Kaa! Hold it, Kaa!
  • Kaa says, "Look me in the eye when I'm speaking to you," and so Bagheera looks at him with one eye, so Kaa says, "Both eyes if you please!"
  • Mowgli having trouble climbing a tree.
    Bagheera: Is that all the better you can climb?!
    Mowgli: It's too big around! And besides, I don't have any claws!


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