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Nightmare Fuel / The Jungle Book (1967)

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"Everyone runs from Shere Khan."
  • Kaa hypnotizing Mowgli to be nearly eaten by him, especially with the voice of Winnie the Pooh.
    • Doubly so in a meta sense when you realize Mowgli's voice actor (Bruce Reitherman) also voiced Christopher Robin. So, if you close your eyes, it sounds like Winnie WANTS TO EAT Christopher Robin.
    • Both scenes really show how helpless Mowgli is against Kaa. Even when Mowgli knows what he's trying to do, Kaa manages to get him to relax his guard with just a few words. If Bagheera and Shere Khan hadn't been there, Mowgli would have been dead for sure.
    • What really turns it scary is when Kaa shakes himself off from the whack Bagheera has given to him, turns to the panther, and tells him what a serious mistake he's just made. If you never thought that voice could be cold and threatening, you were wrong. Not to mention, the implication that he's capable of killing and/or eating a panther.
    • Pythons that size are capable of that. Leopards (any color) are a standard, albeit rare, part of their diet.
  • Shere Khan, period. Whenever he's around, the comedy ends and you run for your life. His initial leap at Mowgli (as seen in the page picture), complete with a thunderclap and ungodly roar is quite frightening.
    • His No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Baloo during the finale. Even without blood, it's still horrifying to see.
    Shere Khan: "I'll kill you for this!"
    • Baloo is a little unsettled when Bagheera explains this as another reason he can't keep Mowgli. When jolly old Papa Bear gets scared, that's a sign that the cat is bad news.
    Bagheera: Sooner or later, Mowgli will meet Shere Khan.
    Baloo: [suddenly looks concerned] The tiger? What's he got against the kid?
    Bagheera: He hates man with a vengeance, you know that! Because he fears man's gun and man's fire.
    Baloo: But little Mowgli don't have those things!
    Bagheera: Shere Khan won't wait until he does! He'll get Mowgli while he's young and helpless! Just one SWIPE!
    • In the book, the reason Khan hunts Mowgli is because humans happen to be one of the few preys he can catch because of his bad leg, which in turn makes him a pariah among the animals because killing humans will just make all the other humans go apeshit and attack indiscriminately. In the movie however, Khan is perfectly healthy, he's just a sadistic fuck who hates humans, and on top of that, is an apex predator everyone else is scared shitless of.


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