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Heartwarming / The Bikini Bottom Horror

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  • The last words exchanged between Squidward and SpongeBob before the story begins in earnest is an irritable Squidward telling SpongeBob they aren't friends, just like in any normal episode. And then when Squidward remembers the moment he finds SpongeBob's remains and uses SpongeBob's discarded tie as a Tragic Keepsake, he sadly apologises, wishing he had been a better friend.
  • When Plankton returns to the Chum Bucket after the Tortured One's rising collapsed the Krusty Krab, Karen is clearly relieved that her husband is still alive after all the carnage. She also refuses to leave him when a Patrick clone turns out to be in Plankton's control center even to save herself. Plankton and Karen's mutual last words are aimed towards each other, showing that they really did love each other despite the occasional arguments and less than overtly affectionate marriage:
  • The fact that despite all the carnage, Squidward had it in his two remaining hearts to rescue Guilty!Patrick from SpongeBob's feeding frenzy.
  • Porifera!SpongeBob initially seems to be quite twisted and vengeful towards Patrick. However, when Guilty!Patrick apologizes frantically thinking he's about to be killed, Porifera forgives him, his anger solely focused on the Tortured One. Unlike the Tortured One, SpongeBob didn't allow his vengeful wrath to overcome him, only to motivate him to stop the monster once and for all.
    • Despite coming from a goofy, Body Horror riddled meme comic, the short but sweet speech SpongeBob gives the Tortured One fully lays out how the two work as a Foil to one another. The Tortured One has no pity for anyone, his pain and anguish becoming the only thing he actually cares about anymore; SpongeBob, despite dying by a betrayal from his best friend, only has anger for the one who did it, and spares Guilty!Patrick, whom he knows is not at fault here. The Tortured One's anger fuels him, but it also overwhelms him; SpongeBob's anger is much more controlled.
  • The page before the epilogue is full of this. The ground beneath Porifera collapses and he starts to fall into the lava. SpongeBob is reaching for help and Patrick leaps to save him, then Sandy leaps to save him, then Squidward saves her. Then they all share a sweet group hug, the horrors finally over.
  • While Sandy leaving Bikini Bottom, as well as telling Squidward about her plans to leave, is rather sorrowful, it's at least sweet that the last thing she does before she goes is give Squidward a present; a wooden clarinet made from the wood of her old house; as a thanks for his help in stopping the Tortured One (and possibly as a weapon to defend him from a potential attack from SpongeBob).