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Fridge / The Bikini Bottom Horror

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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • As the Patricks were out to kill the likes of SpongeBob and Squidward for never questioning what the Krabby Patties were made out of, it provides a neat explanation as to why they allied with Plankton: he tried to discover the secret Krabby Patty formula for years.
    • Also, of all of Bikini Bottom's citizens, Plankton is both the smallest — meaning he wouldn't really help the Tortured One grow any bigger — and may well be the one person in Bikini Bottom who has never eaten a Krabby Patty. The Tortured One has zero empathy, so he's still a jerk to him, but notably, the Patricks did keep their end of the bargain with him.
  • If SpongeBob had been alive in the form of cells the whole time, why didn't he come back sooner when the Patricks (and thus his cells) had all multiplied? It was because he was waiting for both Krabs and Plankton to be eliminated and then a moment where his regeneration would seem heroic.
    • Or perhaps he was just waiting to have enough cells to regenerate into the giant monster?
    Fridge Horror 
  • Now that SpongeBob is securing a stronghold over the town due to his Engineered Heroics, one has to wonder what he will do with his newfound power? For instance, will he try to use it to get his driver's license? If so, what if the new driving teacher (Mrs. Puff has moved away) refuses to give it to him even though he saved the town? Will he use his clones to make them "disappear" alongside any other potential issue to his rule?
  • Guilty Patrick's Heel–Face Turn was largely because he thought that SpongeBob wasn't aware of the Tortured One's existence, and thus didn't deserve to die. However, from the epilogue, we now know that not only was SpongeBob aware of the Tortured One, he deliberately ensured that the conflict would be resolved in the bloodiest way possible. What would Guilty Patrick do if he found out SpongeBob was guilty after all? We could be looking at another Patrick rampage.