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Heartwarming / Sold To The Highest Bidder

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  • Unsinkable disrupting his undercover mission in Francis's emporium to visit Margot and reassure her. Their friendship is absolutely precious.
  • Natalya befriending Eduard after her brother and sister get into an argument over him.
    Natalya: That's why [Ivan]'s so uneasy with you, isn't it? You're just like him in a way. Your parents decided for you what you would be, and so you became it. Well, same with us! ...Maybe Vanya's just upset because you accept so readily what you are and he still struggles with his own misgivings.
    Eduard: Do you accept what you are?
    Natalya: Yes, I do. Because someone has to do this job.
    Eduard: I feel exactly the same way, Devushka.
    Natalya: You can call me Natasha, I don't mind. (Making a toast.) To making the best of one's life that one can, with exceedingly unpleasant jobs.
    And to unexpectedly kindred spirits.
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  • Lovino letting Unsinkable get away when he finds him sneaking through the house:
    Lovino: You're the one and only Unsinkable. Or a close enough fake. Bad person to be impersonating, though, with the bounty on that guy's head. Well, on his body. Y'know there's a fifty million dollar offer for that body? Fifty. Not fifteen. Fifty. You know what the man who'll pay that insane amount of money wants to do to your body? He doesn't just wanna fuck it.
    Unsinkable: Yeah, I got an idea or two.
    Lovino: That's a lot of money, Unsinkable. If - if I sold you to that man, I'd get that money. And if I had that kind of cash, I'd never have to work again in my life. I wouldn't have to take over the family business like they expect me to. I'd be free. I could get away from here, from all of this.
    Unsinkable: ...
    Lovino: I'm gonna look the other way for a sec, and when I turn back, you're gonna be gone. Capisce?
    Unsinkable: ...You - you won't -
    Lovino: I couldn't even if I wanted to. And I don't. That's... that's my grandpa, not me. So get the hell outta here.
  • When Unsinkable learns his birth name from Captain Kirkland, complete with Unsinkable's Manly Tears.
    • And following that, when Kirkland gives Unsinkable his coat.
    Unsinkable: I'll never leave your side.
    Kirkland: I'm very glad to have you with us...
    Unsinkable: No, I mean it. You're going to have to pay to get me away, now.
  • The scene where Lovino (begrudgingly) comforts a horror-striken Feliciano has its moments of heartwarming, too.
  • Francis saving Unsinkable and Arthur Kirkland from the police was nothing short of heart melting.
    • Extra points for his outrage when, at first, he believes Kirkland sold Unsinkable out - for someone who doesn't even like Unsinkable, that was really sweet. Followed by this line when he realizes Kirkland did it by accident:
    Francis: You are a proud man, Arthur. But I am glad to see, not an evil one.
  • The fact that Lovino cried watching the reunion of two people he had never met.
  • In keeping with the above, Lovino's poor attempts to comfort Mathieu, who he bought accidentally in place of Alfred. Up to and including his promise that he would make sure Francis couldn't hurt him.
  • Another one for Natalya: Her asking her poor, insecure, devoted little bondsman to be her friend once he clears her Time, because she wants a companion more than a sex toy, and because she believes he has value as a person.
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  • Nearly the entire epilogue was this, when it wasn't a Tear Jerker, but the crowning moment has to be when Eduard finally returns to Olyokin at the end. And the fic's last line:
    Ivan's arms felt like home.

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