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  • Captain Kirkland's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Mathieu is somewhere between this and a Tear Jerker.
    Kirkland: Unsinkable's right, you know, you're every one of you automatons. Can you even think at all for yourself? Does Francis bother teaching you to do that? Or would that just be a waste of his precious fucking time? In fact, if you hate Unsinkable at all it's probably because he pissed Francis off when he was here, and Francis took it out on you. Or maybe! Just maybe, you hate him because he has a voice and you don't. He's the sort of person you can't help but notice and you're the sort of person you can't help but ignore. Why, Unsinkable demands things from life that you won't even tell yourself exist because the knowledge of their existence'd hurt you so bad you'd cry yourself to sleep nightly. Things Francis will never give you because you're an object who's perfectly happy being inanimate, things you'll never demand because Francis has you so brainwashed you can't fathom demanding them... Because nobody cares about anybody else in this system. You got that? Nobody cares about you. Not even Francis. And why should they, hm? You're a meek, pathetic excuse for a doormat and your only weapon is to try to lash out and poison my mind against my crewmate. You want to command respect? Earn it. Unsinkable does that. You don't.
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  • Unsinkable himself has another one of these during his *Click* Hello to Mathieu.
    Unsinkable: I'm getting out of here, and you're going to find me an exit. Once I'm gone you can blab to Francis all you like, if he doesn't mind you talking with your mouth full of cock. Now march, bondsman.
  • Eduard gets one during his own *Click* Hello to Raivis, along with an Awesomeness by Analysis; he immediately deduces that Raivis is an enemy of The Empire, privy to top secret information, and manages to corner the spy at gunpoint before Raivis even realizes Eduard is suspicious.
  • Tim's initial confrontation with Captain Kirkland reeks of awesome, even if it ends in an Enemy Mine.
  • Francis sneaking Unsinkable and Captain Kirkland out of his store under the police's noses? Somewhere between this and a deeply unexpected Heartwarming Moment.
  • Toris's backstory is one long Moment of Awesome, despite being wrought with Adult Fears and Tear Jerkers. He searched for Feliks and Raivis in the Vitim-bombed Darinys for two weeks before he found them trapped in a collapsed basement, surviving by pulling handfuls of snow through a shattered window? Awesome. And it helps that they were sixteen, thirteen, and ten at the time.
    • Also this exchange:
    Eduard: Wait. So [Commander Zielska] just gave you a job?
    Toris: Well, I might have helped myself to a few of the guns. In case she said no.
  • Similarly, the Five-Man Band's backstory was one long moment of awesome, particularly Island's escape from the planet and Suomi's Curb-Stomp Battle - singlehandedly and against a whole gaggle of pirates.
  • The Kala revolutionaries breaking into the Duma was pretty badass. But more so, Eduard deciding not to stand by and watch things go down, to save his friends on both sides of the conflict, and in the process acting of his own will and finally feeling and acting like his own person after a lifetime of internalized dehumanization - a Crowning Moment of Awesome if there ever was one.

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