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Heartwarming / A Snowflake In Spring

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  • Anna's weekly visits with Elsa are W.A.F.F. to the brim. Highlights include:
    • Spending an entire afternoon cutting out paper snowflakes together to decorate Elsa's room. When Anna tells Elsa that her snowflake is "almost as gorgeous as [her]"...
      [Elsa's] entire face lit up in a bright blush and her head slammed against the tabletop, arms coming up to cover it as though she was in the middle of an air raid. She proceeded to stay in that position for a solid seven minutes.
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    • Anna goes on a self-assigned crusade to find Elsa the perfect chocolate truffle.
  • Megara's Anger Born of Worry when Anna disappears for three days. Meg's possessiveness and bossiness may be annoying to some, but it's clear she really does care about Anna.
  • The Hellands, at Gerda's invitation, join Anna's visit to Elsa. For the first time in ten years, they see their daughter not only interacting with someone, but displaying outright affection. And then Elsa makes a sound. Catrine's thoughts say it all.
    This is no breakthough. This is a blessing.

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