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From the movie/musical

  • The encore at the concert. School! Of! Rock! School! Of! Rock!
  • After seeing Zack berated by his father in the parking lot, Dewey initiates a class lecture/improvised song about sticking up for yourself. By the end, Zack is feeling much better and even thanks Dewey for the great lesson... in front of the other teachers (who are both awed and slightly jealous).
  • Any and every time Dewey bonds with one of the kids. Especially the way he interacts with Lawrence and Tomika and helps them deal with their respective self-esteem issues.
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  • Dewey's little speech to Tomika when she worries about her weight. He lists Aretha Franklin as a Big Beautiful Woman who's also a fantastic singer. Shows that Dewey is a Cool Teacher at heart.
  • Upon Summer telling Dewey that Freddy went off to hang out with a shady band, Dewey immediately goes full Papa Wolf and hurries to find him.
  • After Dewey is proved as a fraud, the kids still insist on playing in battle of the bands and even go to pick him up.
  • The Battle of the Bands is one heartwarming moment after another:
    • The plan was for the band to sing Dewey's song - but when they get there, he changes things up so they're singing Zack's song, which he freely admits is better than his and more representative of the band.
    • When Tomika sings her solo at the Battle of the Bands, it cuts to her parents gasping with delight in the most heartwarming way. Her mother looks like she wants to cry Tears of Joy.
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    • When Dewey says that Zack wrote the song, his father is floored, and that's before they start playing! A short while later, Zack's father is cheering him on.
    Lawrence's father: Your son's very skilled.
    Zack's father: Thanks. So's yours.
  • Summer comes up with the idea to tell the judges the kids are all terminal as a way to get them into Battle of the Bands - after Freddie makes them miss the audition. After Dewey tells her she's getting an A, she smiles and says "I didn't do it for the grade".
  • Ros getting a chance to let her hair down in the bar with Dewey. She says that none of the teachers have ever asked her to get drinks before.
  • There's also the parents and Ros really popping when the singers sing "kick some ass" in the performance.
  • It has devastating consequences, and Dewey tells off Patti because it hurts the kids, but part of the reason Patti called the cops on Dewey for impersonating Ned was that she rightly told him off for stealing Ned's identity and discrediting his teacher reputaiton.
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  • After their performance, one of the members of a competing band congratulates Zach on their song, genuinely being extremely encouraging of a young musician finding his voice. Another is impressed with Freddy's drumming.

Unique to the musical

  • The utter joy on Zach and Freddy's faces when Dewey tells them they are awesome at rock and roll and "in the band".
  • The first moment that denotes Dewey's Character Development is when Lawrence says he can't be in the band because he's "not cool enough." Dewey goes Papa Wolf and tells him he is cool. It wasn't just ulterior motive; he wanted a kid to feel good about himself.
  • Ned and Dewey playing Guitar Hero together. They really are friends, and we get to see Ned's rock passions.
  • While the first "If Only You Would Listen" is a Tear Jerker, we see that Tomika's dads really want the best for her and are oblivious at worse.
  • Dewey at first only takes Ms. Mullins out for a drink to get her to sign off on the Battle of the Bands "field trip". Then they start to bond when she sings about the girl she used to be. By the end of the show, she forgives him for lying to her and committing fraud and covers for him when Patti summons a police officer. The parents and she agree that he can be their kids' afterschool rock instructor, under his real name. They then kiss, and she shows up for the Curtain Call in a rocker chic jacket.
  • Dewey gets a Heel Realization when Ned angrily tells him that the impersonation could have cost Ned his teaching license and their apartment.
  • The kids' Triumphant Reprise of "If You Only You Would Listen," which they use as a Pep-Talk Song for Dewey after he's outed as a fraud and is lying in his apartment in Heroic BSoD. They tell him that he was the first adult that actually listened to him, and that's why they want to play with him.
  • Unlike the kids comforting Dewey in the film about losing to No Vacancy, Dewey comforts them. He wanted to win the Battle of the Bands to spite his old band and get the rent money, but he doesn't care about that anymore; he cares about his students and tells them they did a great job.
  • Ned in his rocker outfit sweeps Patti off her feet, literally, and says he's treating her to Red Lobster. It's implied Patti gets a Heel–Face Turn and mellows towards Ned and Dewey because of it.


  • Alex Brightman's Hard Rock Life vlogs from backstage at the musical can be very sweet. In particular, his interactions with fans of the show - inspired by Michael Cerveris' courteousness when they met after Alex saw Tommy as a little kid - can be cute to watch, especially his bringing donuts to the people waiting in line for tickets.

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