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Tomika was on the verge of an eating disorder

  • On Dewey's first day of teaching, he inadvertently misses lunch; Ms. Mullins makes a point of telling him that the children have already eaten. He then asks the class if any of them has any food, and Tomika responds that she does. She opens her desk to reveal what looks like an entire lunch, including a sub sandwich and a packet of goldfish crackers. So Tomika clearly didn't eat lunch, and it's later revealed that she's self conscious about being fat. It's possible that she skipped lunch that day, and has perhaps done beforehand too, in order to try and lose weight.

Ms. Mullins Resigns as principal

Mullins knew Dewey was a fake from the classroom scene on but chose to be in denial
  • Her attraction to Dewey and stress about parents night is why she didn't act on it.

Ms. Mullins was a groupie when she was a teen
It explains her hidden depths when it comes to rock music.

Ned secretly wants to break up with Patty but is too wimpy.
More apparent in the broadway adaptation when he is shown to have a fun side when Ned is not around. In this version it almost seems like Patty is forcing him to act in the way that he does.

the other teachers knew what Dewey was up to
The Broadway adaptation seems to imply this. There is a whole song in which they sing about him. That song ends with them wishing that they were more like him. They all knew he was up to something but didn't say anything because they liked having someone different at their school.

Most teachers at Horace Green hate their jobs.
The song they sing in the broadway play seems to imply they are forced to act the way that they are and would be the cool teacher if they could.

Horace Green closes down soon after the battle of the bands.
The parents decide to pull their kids out after their change of heart and have them attend a regular school. The teachers then decide to leave for other jobs. This combined with all the negative media coverage that would surely happen as a result of Dewey's ruse could easily doom the band.

Mullins becomes the tin foil woman from the Netflix movie Let it Snow after she leaves Horace Green
Both are played Joan Cusack
Mullins was married
Until the stress of her job caused a divorce which is why she has such a hard time letting her hair down.
Patty will use her power to get Dewey arrested

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