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Heartwarming / Negaverse Chronicles

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  • Elmo and Hamm's friendship, especially when compared to their interactions in Darkwing Duck universe. Hamm probably would have been Megavolt's sidekick in the same way Launchpad was for Darkwing. He was just so supportive and loyal to his friend. Too bad Negaduck killed Hamm during his first night as a costumed villain...
  • Bushroot's interactions with Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, demonstrating that he wasn't quite as lonely and isolated as his normal universe counterpart. There was some teasing, but in a friendly way rather than a cruel one. Too bad Negaduck caused the friendly lab assistant to mutate, killed the two doctors, and framed Bushroot for their murders...
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  • Bud Flud in Darkwing Duck's universe was a corrupt businessman originally, caring only about profit and his career. In the Negaverse, he doesn't own the company and he's nowhere nearly as ambitions about his job. Instead, he found something more important: a wife and son that he loves with all his heart. His life with them makes him happy enough that he doesn't need to focus solely on advancing his career and making money. Too bad Negaduck killed his wife and sold his son to SHUSH...
  • After spending so much time completely on his own and then having lots of issues working with the team (some members more than others), Megavolt shows Quackerjack that he honestly trusts him, insanity and all.
    Megavolt: "Elmo."
    Quackerjack: "What?"
    Megavolt: "I'm Elmo Sputterspark. Nice to meet you."
    Quackerjack: "Are you sure about that, if I ever told Negaduck…"
    Megavolt: "You wouldn't do that. I trust you."
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  • Virty, Quackerjack's Virtuimon not only helps him get over his hatred of video games, but he also protects Quackerjack when he gets sucked into the video game and even follows Quackerjack back to the real world to help. Of course, Virty couldn't stay in the real world for long, but it was still sweet.
  • The rest of the Friendly Four decide it isn't fair that Bushroot was cheated out of his doctorate and the credit for a fertilizer he developed. So they track down the woman taking credit for it and the paperwork that would prove he developed it in the first place, allowing the plant-duck to also gain the doctorate he deserved.
  • Whenever Quackerjack gets to demonstrate his Friend to All Children status. He may be crazy and wacky, but he's still great at bonding with children and making them happy.

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