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Tear Jerker / Negaverse Chronicles

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  • Quackerjack's past. Pretty much all of it. His mom died when he was a baby, his dad was poisoned by Negaduck in an attempt to destroy the toy company, and his brother was shot by Negaduck while trying to protect Billy. This pretty much snapped Billy's tedious grasp on sanity and he became Quackerjack.
  • When Bud Flud, the newly-formed Liquidator, finds his dying wife in their (burning) home and learns that Negaduck attacked her and kidnapped his son.
    "Carla!" Bud rushed over and knelt down with a slosh. "I'll get you out, just wait."
    "Bud, they took Hank. Negaduck took Hank." Carla said, though her voice was barely able to go above a whisper. "Get Hank…"
    "Of course. We'll get him back, you and me. Just let me get you out of here!"
    "Not sure if I can, sweetie." Carla smiled one last time at her husband. "I love you."
    "No! No!" Bud screamed. "Someone help me!" He wondered where in the hell were those firefighters! "She's hurt! For God's sake why is no one coming!" He stopped shouting when he felt a hand on his watery cheek.
    "Love you…" Carla said. Her eyes closed.
    "No, don't leave me. No." Bud whimpered. "No…" Even though he was all water now, drops appeared beneath his eyes and slide down his snout. "Don't leave me…"
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  • And then there was this part right afterwards...
    These days it was rare to hear a sentient canine howl. Of course the non-sentient kind did it all the time, but the ones with the brains and the opposable thumbs frowned upon this. It wasn't exactly couth. So when the firefighters heard a strange, watery howl coming from the house they were trying to put out, they thought it was a pet dog, not a man.
    Of course, they never found evidence of a pet, just a dead woman and a lot of water.
    Sentient dogs don't howl, normally.
    But sometimes, they do.
  • Poor Hank, kidnapped and sold off to SHUSH, sitting alone in a cage, hoping for his dad to come and save him. And he has no idea what has happened to his dad in the meantime.
  • Megavolt is doomed, regardless of what happens. Even if they someday defeat Negaduck once and for all, he's doomed. His powers are gradually destroying his mind, making his memory worse and worse over time. And not using his powers won't work either because he needs them now to function. Either way, he'll suffer.

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