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  • In the first battle against Negaduck as a team, Bushroot is forced to face him alone after the others are disarmed or trapped. While the least violent member of the Friendly Four, he doesn't back down and even mocks him.
    Bushroot:"You're nothing but a bratty little child that got a hold of a little power! You're pathetic! You're nothing! You have no power over us! You have no power over anyone! You can't control my friends through fear! You're nobody!"
  • Bushroot facing down Gizmoduck in order to protect Scrooge McDuck.
    • Especially considering how everyone reacts to Gizmoduck. They treat him like an unstoppable force of nature, like a hurricane or something. Everyone starts fleeing the city when he heads in the direction of St. Canard.
  • Phyros versus Petalhead in an Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever situation.

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