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Heartwarming / Ned Stark Lives

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  • When Robb first meets Roslin, it is obvious that they like each other. Seeing that become love is quite beautiful.
  • Ned and Catelyn accepting to allow Arya to marry Gendry.
  • Aegon's willingness to treat Arya and Gendry as his friends. You can tell that, as much as he has trained to be King, he still wants friends of his age.
    • Aegon erasing the taint of bastardy, allowing Gendry to take the Baratheon name, something he takes the time to do despite being on his deathbed and in horrible pain.
  • Daenerys names Gendry Ser Gendry of Winterfell, rewards Ser Davos with a holdfast, and allows Jon to finally have the name Stark.
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  • Tyrion marries Shae, and Daenerys gives him one of those things he had always wanted: to ride a dragon.
  • In a way, what happens to Stannis in the end: his wight walks unmolested to Duskendale, to see his wife and daughter one last time, before he accepts his death.
  • Catelyn apologizing to Jon for the way she treated him while he was growing up.
  • Ned and Sansa making peace in the epilogue after she eloped with Sandor.

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