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  • When Lana is reduced to tears at a Dublin performance in 2013 singing "Video Games", the audience takes over for her. Then she continues the rest of the performance. The connection between Lana and the audience has to be seen to be believed.
  • "Love," while still having a somber, serene sound to it, has surprisingly sweet and wistful lyrics compared to her other work.
    I get ready, I get all dressed up
    to go nowhere in particular.
    It doesn't matter if I'm not enough
    for the future or the things to come,
    'cause I'm young, and in love.
    • The song ending with Lana singing the line " Don't worry, baby. " is particularly lovely, especially as the song seems to be dedicated to her fans. It's as though despite the turbulent times they're living in, Lana is reassuring them that things will be okay.
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  • The same could be said for "The Lucky Ones."
    Every now and then the stars align,
    boy and girl meet by the great design.
    Could it be, that you and me are the lucky ones this time?
  • "Lust for Life" as an entire album should be considered a Heartwarming Moment, as it is considered Lana's most positive, hopeful, and grounded record yet.
  • "Lust for Life" with The Weeknd
    • The audio video shows Lana and Abel sitting on the edge of the Hollywood sign while holding hands.
    • In general, what we've seen on the album so far, from the title track to the cover, seems to indicate that this'll be a bit happier than Lana's previous work. Fans have definitely picked up on this, and have responded very positively to it, happy to hear some hopeful and lovelorn lyrics from Lana's songs. As one fan put it, "She's gonna cure the depression she gave us."
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    • And now the official video is out and it's more heartwarming then ever. There's an especially touching moment when Lana runs to the edge of the platform she's standing on and nearly falls off, looking apprehensive... and immediately relaxes and smiles when Abel comes up behind her and hugs her.
  • "Groupie Love" with A$AP Rocky
    • The whole song is sincerely cute lovesong with no tragic/ironic elements, and A$AP gives a major heartwarming moment when he ad libs "you are my babe" on the final chorus
    • A$AP and Lana are close friends and the song plays on the idea that they both like watching each other succeed as artists.
  • "Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind" sees Lana adopting a maternal side, as she nostalgically reflects on the peace and love of the 1969 Woodstock music festival during the turbulent times between America and North Korea. She addresses those who attend music festivals as "children", and states that she would give up all of her fame and legacy in order to ask God the questions that humanity has about purpose and meaning.
    • Fans have also associated this song as a tribute to the Manchester Arena bombing attacks, which occurred at Ariana Grande's concert. Although unconfirmed, the song was released around the same time that the incident occurred.
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  • "God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It" - Lana wrote this song after being inspired and in support of the worldwide women's marches in 2017 against Trump. The song even has the beautiful line "May you stand proud and strong, like Lady Liberty, shining all night long". Aww.
  • "Get Free" is a self-described manifesto in which Lana states that she wants to move out of her formerly dark lifestyle, and into a brighter and more hopeful one.
  • Another Heartwarming Moment: Lana is smiling on the cover of "Lust For Life". This alone demonstrates Lana's changed outlook on life, and it's the first album cover of all of her discography where she's smiling. Compare this album cover and Lana's expression on it to her Thousand-Yard Stare on the "Born to Die" cover, and the wounded yet sinister glare she possesses on the "Ultraviolence" cover.
    • The cover for Norman Fucking Rockwell! is another first for Lana in that it's the first one that shows her with another person (this goes for the Urban Outfitters special edition cover too). She's holding onto Duke Nicholson whilst wistfully reaching her hand out for the viewer, as if to pull them on board the boat and into the picturesque scene.
    • The Urban Outfitters cover has Lana meditating with a group of her friends.
  • At a show in NYC on October 23rd, Lana sits down and sings an accapella of "Get Free", and pays homage to two of her idols by mentioning them in a lyric that was previously left blank. Can double as a Tearjerker.
    I'm doin' it for all of us
    Who never got the chance
    For Amy and for Whitney..
  • Lana's friendship with Marina and the Diamonds. Fans of their music have associated them as being similar in themes and alternative style, and the two are clearly very close friends with one another. While visiting Lana in America in 2017, Marina posted an image on her Instagram of herself and Lana wearing matching friendship bracelets. Lana later gave thanks to Marina in Lust for Life among her team who helped produce the record, with Marina returning the favour in Love + Fear.
    • There's also an image on Instagram of Lana with Marina's cat Mavis. It's possibly one of the cutest images of Lana ever.

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