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Nightmare Fuel / Lana Del Rey

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  • Born To Die's music video is appropriately dark in its twist towards the end. Sure, Lana is all decked up in a gorgeous dress with a flower crown sat in a gorgeous cathedral, but then the end of the video shows how she got there, entering the cathedral in a flash of light. The next shot shows Bradley Soileau clutching Lana's bloodied body in the aftermath of a car crash. She was Dead All Along.
  • Dark Paradise is self-explanatory, with an added Sanity Slippage.
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  • Lolita is quite unsettling when you know what the novel Lana's referring to is about.
  • The same can be said for Carmen, which tells the story of an alcoholic underage girl caught up in prostitution.
  • Akin to Born To Die, Blue Jeans's video has Lana being drowned by her lover. There's a recurring theme in this album...
  • Serial Killer is popular among fans of the Yandere archetype.
  • Ultraviolence is chock-full of Nightmare Fuel, with Lana acting as both the damsel in distress and the femme fatale. Specific songs allude to domestic violence, heavy drug abuse, and other dangerous crimes.
    • Ultraviolence itself is pretty much Stockholm Syndrome: The Song, to the point where Lana no longer relates to it and has since said she doesn't enjoy singing particular lines.
    "He hit me and it felt like a kiss."
  • 13 Beaches has an eerie, dystopian sound effect that rings throughout the song, sounding similar to a satellite beeping.
  • A real-life example - during the LA To The Moon tour, a fan was tipped off to the police about planning to kidnap and hold Lana for ransom at knifepoint. His Twitter uncovered his truly disturbing obsession with her. Luckily, he was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated stalking and attempted kidnapping with a weapon. Lana later addressed the situation during one of her shows, but whilst visibly shaken up and tearful, continued with and completed the tour.
  • Change alludes to all-too-real threats of nuclear war. The world is in so much chaos that even the day-dreamy, escapism-chasing Lana can't flee from it.
    • This theme reappears in Norman Fucking Rockwell!, with some critics describing the album "a beautiful opus for a new dark age — a fond look back at the world we just wrecked", calling it "yoga music for the apocalypse."
  • Methamphetamines, the original version of Old Money, sounds very, very uncanny, especially with Lana's high, girly, slurring voice, and the roaring echoing white noise. Lana sounds like she's singing from the void.
  • The background landscape in the cover for Norman Fucking Rockwell shows a darker side to the laid-back coastal California lifestyle - namely the bushfire disaster unfolding in the background.

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