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  • Marilyn Monroe/Puppy Love is one of Lana's (likely going by Lizzy at the time) silliest, if not the sillest songs about love. It could even double as Heartwarming Moment due to the fact Lana sells her passion really well and without a hint of sadness for once.

  • "High By The Beach"'s music video has Lana throughout it being her lovely, ethereal self while shying away from an intrusive paparazzi helicopter lingering outside her home. What does she do in the end? Daintily whips out a socking great machine gun and blows it to smithereens. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

  • "Doin' Time"'s video is hilarious as it is majestic and just amplifies Lana's Lighter and Softer outlook. We don't see Lana sinking into the depths of despair in her videos anymore - now she's a 50-foot version of herself having fun wandering around Venice Beach and rescuing girls from unfaithful boys. The highlight is when the tall Del Rey flashes a satisfied "you're welcome" grin at the blonde girl after she kills the boyfriend and his side chick, before returning to the drive-in movie screen.

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