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Heartwarming / Juken Sentai Gekiranger

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  • When Long captures Mele to lure Rio, Mele protests that Rio doesn't really love her and the plan will fail. When Rio does show up, Mele nearly screams, "Why did you come here?" Rio simply replies, "Do you have to ask?"
  • Happens time and time again with Jan and Sharkie during the latter's Trauma Conga Line.
    • First, Sharkie cries Ocular Gushers of happiness because Jan is his very first pupil ever, and Jan is equally proud to finally have his own master to learn from, like Ran had Elehan and Retsu had Bat Li.
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    • Later, when Sharkie is possessed by the Monster of the Week, Jan's eventually able to break through to him.
    • Then, after Sharkie's framed for trying to kill Master Shafu, the other Kensei, Elehan and Bat Li, deride Sharkie as having been too immature for a student and trash-talk his teachings that focus on strengthening the body. When Jan himself is possessed soon after, though, the Demonic Possession doesn't work because Jan's body is just that strong, proving that Sharkie is a great teacher after all.
    Jan: "Shakkinn!"

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