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Heartwarming / Engine Sentai Go-onger

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  • GP 8: Frustrated that miracles don't existnote , Sōsuke runs off. Speedor, ill and stuck in the toy-size because of the rust, crawls after Sōsuke in order to cheer him up. He tells Sōsuke him that there are miracles; that's why they met.
  • Renn gets one in GP 25. When a statue which was an important part of his childhood is revealed to be a Gaiark member, he initially refuses to believe, and stops the others from destroying it. But when the statue awakens and begins to endanger his "family members", he makes up his mind and finally destroys it himself. What pushes the scene is a soft melody playing in the background, instead of an upbeat action theme.
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  • In GP 36, the team fights Yogostein while Sosuke is in a coma, presumed dead. Toward the end of the roll call, this happens:
    Team: Engine Sentai Go-Onger! MACH FULL FORCE!note 
  • Hiroto gets one in GP 41 by raising an alien baby...towards the end, he moves towards the baby with what looks like a gun...only to reveal that it contains the alien's favourite vegie juice and that he knew the baby was hungry. Awww.
    • He also gets one near the beginning when he enlarges Toripter to encourage it to "lay" the egg. Not because he's curious, but because Toripter wants a little brother of his own.
  • The Finale in GP 50, where the Engines finally have to go home and the various goodbyes the Go-Ongers make to their longtime partners.
    • Particularly to Gunpei, who you can see saluting the Engines as they fly back to Engine World.
      • Also, on a Fridge level, the Epilogue scenes feature the Go-Ongers interacting with the various voice actors for their villains and Engines.


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