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  • Episode 1 has Jan freaking out with happiness to see Xia Fu. Ran and Retsu are used to seeing him, Jan keeps going, "Neko! Neko! Neko! Neko!"
  • In episode 15, Jan is turned into a kid and Retsu turned into a baby. Ran's reaction and trying to be a mom is hilarious. Later, Jan teasing Retsu about urinating as a baby is also quite funny.
  • After Gou joins the team, Jan gets flustered and runs away. The others think it's because he doesn't like their new teammate. On the contrary, Jan thinks Gou is awesome...he got flustered trying to think of the best place for Gou to stand when they do their poses.
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  • Jan surprised by Mele's new form after accepting Gengi: "AH! Mele has super beast on!?"
  • The Sukeban episode, after Miki reveals her origins, Natsume could only curl and say "I'll never disobey mom again from now on..."
  • Jan searching for a Kensei to teach him, he notices a sign that says "Kensei this way. It's not a trap," and obeys it. As it turns out, it wasn't a trap and was set up by Sharki-Chan, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Every moment when the Kensei abuses Long when he was turned into a ball. Gorie ended up swallowing him when mistaken fot food and Bat Li smacking him makes the ball spit and goes hole in one.

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