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  • In spite of her trying to kill him before, in spite of only allying with her the very next day, once Kaname decided Shuka was a friend, he became very worried when he thought Shuka was in danger.
  • In one of the most potent moments of heartwarming in the manga, Kaname told One that Ryuji allying him was pure happenstance and that they weren't friends. On the face of it, that was a moment of heartlessness, but his words managed to move Ryuji. Why? Because Ryuji's sigil lets him know when people are lying, and by saying those words, Kaname managed to prove that he feels the exact opposite.
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  • Shuka "adopts" Sui, acting like the mother Sui always wanted, but never had. Telling her bedtime stories and everything.
  • In Chapter 45, when Towa survived interrupting the "death" match between Kaname and Rick, it results in the following:
    • Her people realised that Kaname and Rick were pulling a farce and had no intention of killing each other or Toru wouldn't have survived at all.
    • That Kaname was on their side all along after he demonstrates he could easily kill them if he really wanted to but he's taking the trouble to help defend them.
    • With the entire situation defused, Kaname and Rick continue the match just so they could have fun fighting someone they respect.
    • Ouji then gives a heartfelt thanks to Towa as he cries Tender Tears.
  • Yamauchi tells Kanehira that in spite of the latter's ruthlessness, he was still greatly indebted to him as without Kanehira, he would have died long ago. Kanehira tries to play it off as that's just what it means to have a contract with him, but his brief silence is enough to show he was moved by what Yamauchi said.

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