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Nightmare Fuel / Darwin's Game

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I see you, pathetic little mouse...

  • Imagine being trapped in a death game and if you die, those not in the game will have no way of knowing because your dead body disappears. Many players who die were merely reported missing because their loved ones and the authorities don't know what happened to them and have no way of finding out besides getting involved in the game themselves.
  • How a body disappears when losing the game. The player's body gets disintegrated in blocks, with them being fully aware and awake while it's happening. The only thing remaining are odd, block-shaped holes in the form the player's body was positioned in.
  • The ending of the first chapter. Kaname accepts the fight request, and then suddenly, his opponent was just there. The costume also added greatly to the creepy factor, if only because of the sheer Uncanny Valley involved.
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  • You've got a guy in a costume chasing you with a knife, and the police don't believe you because you jumped over a ticket stall while fleeing, so they almost arrest you, for filing a false report. Then, while in the police station, when the police confirm, that yes, a guy in a costume is chasing you, the police officer gets slashed, and the guy in the costume is there, coming at you next!
  • During his fight with Banda-kun, Kaname managed to separate his opponent from his knife, but Banda went invisible. Kaname decides to go for the knife but he sees the knife getting picked up and going invisible. His Oh, Crap! at the moment was very understandable.
  • Invoked by Seigen, leader of the "Kuchinawa Assembly" when he opens his eyes. Just look at the page image.
  • The Doume. Incredibly powerful monsters introduced during the Hunting Game event. Guns are useless against them because they have a sigil that negates all projectile attacks. note  You need to use close-combat weapons to fight them, but that puts you in range of their attacks as well. Few are the people who can reliably fight them.
    • It's revealed that the Doume are mutated humans and haven't lost their human-level intelligence. Good luck going to sleep after hearing that.

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