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Funny / Darwin's Game

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  • Chapter 4: Sudo Kaname spends a point on the gacha system, which awards him a gun. Kaname thinks Darwin’s Game looks more like an ordinary game now, but he hears something. Panicking, he looks around and finds a package containing, surprise surprise, the gun he won, causing him to once again declare he hates the game.
  • Chapter 22: Shuka tells Sui the story of the three little pigs. Thing is, she made changes to the story, culminating in the wolf eating all three little pigs. The Broken Aesop at the end really sells it.
    Sui: Why does that sound different from the story I know!?
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  • Chapter 23: Danjou asks Inukai to be the referee in his match with Kaname, but he and Kaname quickly start the match without Inukai giving the start declaration to his annoyance.
  • Chapter 24: Rain asks the others why they picked “Sunset Ravens” as their clan's name. Their answers... differ:
    Shuka: They’re black and cute.
    Ryuji: The toughest birds in the world.
    Sui: Erm...! Ravens... are actually gentle birds devoted to family, so...!

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